Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 9

OPINION PUBLISHER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR Candice H. Baggett No need to spend time on the sutras. Intimate knowledge of the menu is not necessary. Point to the specials on the wall and the no substitutions policy. Paradoxically, marketing extreme yoga isn’t necessarily successful. CrossFitters and triathletes are initially drawn to hot fast yoga with adrenalin raising soundtracks because it is like what they know. They don’t pay and stay because they are already doing these things elsewhere. They don’t need a class with a mandated number of chaturangas and utkatasana because they do pushups and squats at the gym. What they don’t have is what a yoga class would give them. They need a different sort of challenge. Not only are the Spartans not sticking around for dessert, yogis who are not young, thin, fit, and hip or able to withstand loud decibels and intense heat are missing from these classes. Yoga is a practice not a circuit. People attracted to yoga as a tool for life don’t need to be conditioned to fight Ronda Rousey. I know yoga isn’t supposed to be all judgy. I know people love to workout and sweat makes us feel hardcore. No worries. Food writers will continue to rave about the genius of mega fusion chicken inspired pasta. The chef will win several James Beard awards and open another joint in Vegas. I’m opinionated, but I hold no authority. Eat what you like. Practice what makes you happy. I’m just saying, after many years as a yoga enthusiast, I’m backing away from the hottest trends and buzziest classes. I find myself at hot classes because I can’t find not-hot classes. I find myself out of sync because I can’t sun sal that fast. When I can’t find my breath, it’s hard to find my Self. My aha moment is not an acro back flip, it’s a moment on the mat when I didn’t worry. I’m cool with a little of this and a little of that on the side. I just want a recognizable entree. I’m a comfort food kind of yogi. Na X\HH8QUԈSQQ TPUHPTTX[Y]ԐTPTQӈ PTUSӔSS]][[X\[[XX]H\Yۂ[XX]KBԐTTZX[H\\’[XYH]\”ܘ\H\X\š[XYKZ]\˘B۝X\΂[H[H” ˈ ’[X[\\S NNNN[P[^[KBY\\N[\[^[KB[X[H [HXY^[H\œX\Y]X\\HB[H[HY[[•[\ M\Y M[Yœ\\Y \X[ۂ]]\Z\[ۈ\œX]Y ՑTSPQB[XYH]\ܘ\H\X\š[XYKZ]\˘BSPSH SHPQVSHTQHB‚