Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 79

DIRECTORY OF STUDIOS COLUMBIA CITY GRANGER WARSAW Laughting Lotus Beyond Zen Studio Warsaw's Secret 1746 S 350 W 318 Toscana Boulevard 601 E Smith St, Ste A DECATUR LOGANSPORT SOUTHWEST Decatur Downdog Bodyworks EVANSVILLE 164 S 2nd St 213 S 3rd St ELKHART MISHAWAKA Tree of Life Yoga Center Solace Yoga Studio 29666 County Rd 10 W 620 W Edison Rd St 132 FORT WAYNE MONTICELLO Fusion Yoga Bodyworks Monticello 6382 Jefferson Blvd W Hot Yoga Fort Wayne 1202 W Main St 101 Main St NEW HAVEN Bliss Yoga 600 N. Weinbach Evansville Power Yoga 4814 Tippecanoe Drive • 812-449-2239 Evansville Yoga Center 1421 Main St Yoga 101 2800 Lincoln Avenue MYoga 6208 Covington Rd Studio Seva 3511 N. Anthony Urban Body Yoga 4930 Illinois R. Suite F1 West Central Yoga 727 Union St Pranayoga Insitute of Yoga and Holistic Health HUNTINGBURG Monarch Yoga 512 Bro Y^HH L Y\\[B LH [ۘ\[\Y[˘H8( M LMLTBY[[BLX\SST‘[[Y[ܝ L HYY]HNL͈Z\ܝUT[^[H[]]Hو[H[\XX[SBUTՒSBHX][B[\Y[BL ̎H[[\ HX\SX[\X\[B XZ[ H B\وۙBMLH K̈XZ[\ٛۙKH8( MM L US[[\H[\܂[H [ PZ[ \[ۈSPSH SHPQVSHTQHBRSӂZ[ۈH\MM X^HZZ[BMHZ\Y]‚