Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 7

CONTRIBUTORS Alli Louthain Purvi Patel Alli Louthain grew up skiing, hiking and biking in Purvi is from a small town in Michigan. Salt Lake City, Utah. She has always enjoyed an She is a Ball State Alum with a active, healthy lifestyle as she’s moved all over the Bachelors of Science in Psychology and country, including to Hawaii, where she met her Criminology. She is E­RYT 200 + 500 husband. As a lifelong athlete and mother of three RYT certified, teaches in Indianapolis young kids, Alli loves the way yoga has kept her area and co­leads a 200 RYT program at flexible and grounded for almost a decade. Practice Indie. Family, community and On page 50 Alli has her RYT through Yoga Alliance and is 200hr certified. She teaches a variety of classes from Prenatal and Chair yoga to Intermediate levels, and specializes in teaching classes for teenage On page 70 the sense of being a lifelong student are very important to her. She loves music, animals, dining out with friends and a good glass of red wine. girls and partner yoga for "Tall Ones and Small Ones" of all ages infused with her own motivational speaking style. One of her favorite classes to teach is "Family Yoga" at the YMCA in Avon where her husband and two older kids join her every week! She has also been honored to head up Alyssa Pfennig On page 54 the Family Yoga Section for the Indianapolis Alyssa Pfennig, CAE, RYT 500, is "Monumental Yoga" event three years in a row. passionate about sharing yoga and mindfulness with others so that they Jennifer Malins On page 8 Jennifer Malins is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Licensed HeartMath® Coach, teacher, and author of Soul Destination: 8 Paths to Balance, Consciousness, Inspiration and Freedom. She works with clients 1-1 and in groups, conducts workshops, and writes health-based articles for local publications. In addition to health coaching, Jennifer also enjoys teaching, which includes ESL and working with children and adults with learning challenges. A yoga enthusiast, Jennifer practices yoga and meditation every morning. She also loves writing fiction, figure skating, hiking, traveling, experimenting in the kitchen and playing various musical instruments. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and puppy. may live a more enriched existence. Having suffered both physically and mentally from the adverse effects of stress as a result of overworking and burnout, she launched YogaExec to empower other professionals to live + work in balance. Alyssa is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), holds her advanced yoga teaching certification (RYT 500) with the Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). She has studied Vinyasa, Yin and therapeutic yoga disciplines as well as mindfulness meditation with several internationallyrecognized teachers. Alyssa delivers presentations and leads retreats for organizations and corporationsacross the nation on shifting perspective and leading with mindfulness. Ellen O'Conner On page 6 Ellen M. O’Connor, “The Yogarazzi,” is a local Indy yoga enthusiast. Yoga is her passion, community, and world view which dovetails well with her hobbies of iPhone yoga photography, social commentary, accessorizing, and chatting up yogis at various Starbucks locales. Roll out your mat next to hers. Hit her up on social media. Namaste. INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I Lauren K ^Hؙ\“ۈYH ]\[^Hؙ\\HY[[B[][X][ۈ[Z^\[HXX\[]X[\\Y[[X[\\ˈX\[ܙHX]\ٜY[[[^\Xܚ˜]˛]\[^\ؙ\˘KB