Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 57

PHYSICAL YOGA backs this up explaining, “The base of your spine rests on your pelvis, so if you turn your pelvis and spine in the same direction when you twist, your whole spine will turn as a unit, and your vertebrae won’t rotate as much on one another—at least at first. But your pelvis can turn only so far, and when it stops, the base of your spine stops too. If you continue turning the rest of your spine, you can eventually achieve just as much vertebral rotation as if you had held your pelvis completely stationary from the beginning. What Twists Should You Teach? First, take some time to explore twisting on your own with the understanding that all bodies are made similar, yet are different in subtle ways. See if your twists feel deeper when you keep your pelvis neutral or how it feels to allow your pelvis to move with the twist. Some people can keep their pelvis neutral and go very deep into a twist without cause for concern. ]\HXZܚ]HوH[][ۈ\H]^XH[YYHZY[H[\Z\[ۈ[Z\[\[ݙK܈^[\K[\]HZۘ\[H\YYK]] HZZۙKPRX[K8']YX[x'WKH]HY[Y][ۘ[H]YY\\[\][[ۛH\H[K]\HXZܚ]HوX][ۙ\]HH\[YH][[ۙHو[Έ\۸&]]H\H[܂ܜ]YHZ\Xܝ[H[H\ˈ[Y[HY\[\[\›][[ۛHH\]HܘXX[K]\Z[XX]\H[HY[Xˈ[XY Y\[\XZY[[H[\[H\[H\وHXY˂\[XZH[\Yܚ\\[XZHH\[H[HY\[[\Xܝ[H[]\XK[[B[[\H[\XZ[[]\\[[\\[\][[ܙH[HH[HܘXX\XK]\Y[H[X\[^[H\[XY][[BY\X]\\\[H[H[X\K\H^Z[8'Y[H[YH[\[]\\\ [H\X[B[Z][\[Hو[[ێ^[ۙH\Z[[ [H[\۝X[]\\][H[^[[][˸'BHH\X][ۈۈ\]HZۘ\[H\[H[[X[H[HY\ ZXH\ [H^Y[\[HY][ۋB[][\ٝ[\Y\H[X[^H[H[]H[HH[Hو\[[Y][]H]YHق[\[[[\ˈ]\܈Zۘ\[HY[[]H]YHو[\YY[[H[[[\Yܝ\ ۘHX[^Y ][\Y[ۈH[[[\Hܜ][\Y[\ۈB[ []H\][\ܜZY [[B\H[]YX[K[Y[X\[[\Y\œ[^ۈ\[H\[\[\[XZ[]][[XœZY YZ[[H[\H[\XZ[[]\\[SPSH SHPQVSHTQHB\]HZۘ\[B[[\\HYYKYH]وHH[B]\Hܙ\][H[YH[\X]]HYX˜[Yܝ\ \܈\[H\\H\H[H]\X][ۜZ]XH܂[X][ۙ\ˈ\[HHۈ\]HX[Y[X]\H[H\HY\[H[\]][[[\[]H\Y\HH\\[KY[HZ[ۂۙHYH]ۙY\[[HLYܙYH[H[\\ZYH[\H][Hݙ\[K[[H\B][\\\[[[\\\XZHH8'8'K[HX^B]HYH[\YHوHH\Hݙ\H][[\\[][[ܙK\HX^HYHH[\H[\\[\[XXHܛ[[]8&\‚MB