Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 48

FAMILY & KIDS Yoga and Movement in Middle School By Ryan Baggett Many people are ready for a nap in the early afternoon, but the 8th grade girls in Greta Wilson’s 1:35 pm yoga class seemed happy to enter the room. Several greeted Wilson with genuine excitement while rolling out their yoga mats. As everyone took their positions, they went through the basic elements you might find in any beginner's yoga class at a local studio, from warm-ups, to sun salutations, to savasana. Even a few sanskrit words were incorporated, all taught with an easy grace and gentle demeanor that did not remind me of my middle school teachers. Behind me and my camera, half the eighth grad H\Y]و][Z\X\BZ[HYH[HXY^[H^KH\[YYܙYYHܘ\Y ][H[^H\H[[[K[[]ܝHوYܝ[\H\\K[HX\\\Z[˂ [\[[XXH\[\X[[[\XYۙ]و[X[\\XX” TKHYHHۘ\܈B\][Y[ۚ[[ۈ][^H][Y\ K\\Y[\[Y]HۙHوH]H[ؙ\Hš[H\X ܛY\Hۛۈ\Y\X‘Y\[[Y[\K]\YTT NKH8'TT'H[܈Y[•[\[[Y\[[[\]X][\˂\H8'[\]X][\'H[YH\X[œYHوHZ\]^\\H[X\X[H[ܙH[ܚY\[ܘHH[[[YHܙH]\\ˈ\\\š]H[[\[XX\܂^\XZH[ݙ[Y[H\وZ\\ۂ[Έ[XY[H[HXX[X[\Hܙˈ\X[YX][ۈ\]YSPSH SHPQVSHTQHB