Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 36

INDIANA MADE Indiana Made Local artisans and small businesses that make us proud to live in Indiana. Presto Kombucha Presto Kombucha currently offers several kombucha profiles including a Raw Cold Brew Original, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple Orange, Pineapple Jalapeño (with Yerba Mate), Cranberry Raspberry, Lavender Hops, Apple Jasmine, Cherry Vanilla, Blueberry Oolong, Espresso, Watermelon Agua Fresca, Rose, Apple Garam Masala Kava, and more. Our kombucha production process involves the cold steeping of ingredients, cold pressing of juices and house roasting of a single origin fair trade organic coffee. The fermentation process for She prides herself on having creativity, sustainabilthe kombucha takes between ten and thirty days. Presto Kombucha recently launched five flavors in 8 fl oz Boston Round amber glass bottles. Presto Kombucha is honored to be a designated Indiana Artisan member. Xchocol'Art Xchocol'Art was born from Joann's natural curiosity, determination and a deep passion to create and experiment with high-quality organic chocolate. Her inspiration really comes from the farmers who provide her chocolate. She knows where her beans are grown, that the workers are paid fair wages and that no child labor is used. Since no pesticides are used in the growing process of her chocolate, it turns into a winwin situation for all her ravenous chocophiles. Joann says, “When making chocolate, I work with reverence, knowing that every bite will be enjoyed as an un-guilty pleasure.” UGo Bars UGo bars are made by hand, to provide a uniqueness you won't find anywhere else in the snack market. We handcraft all our products in small batches. Each UGo bar has a 3 month shelf life to ensure premium quality and maximum nutrition benefits. Our ingredient labels all start with nuts as the primary ingredient, followed by dried fruits. UGo bars are effective for pre- and post-activity, of both high and low intensity levels. They are perfect for everyone, from elite athlete to everyday hungry people. Tracy Gates 812-322-3499. ity and quality as her main priorities. “I go a notch higher by only sourcing organic and fair trade chocolate, and also in using sustainable methods such as composting, recycling and driving electric.” You can visit Joann at the Summer Carmel Farmer’s Market every Saturday, 8:30am–11am and get a taste of incredible award-winning chocolate, or visit her website, 34 INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I