Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 32

CONSCIENTIOUS LIFE INDYoga Votes Taking Yoga off the Mat, into the Voting Booth By Lauren Kay Roberts If you’ve ever stepped into a yoga studio, you may have heard a teacher talk about taking the practice “off the mat.” As we awaken to our true, interconnected nature on the mat, we find ourselves a little less judgmental, a little more patient, and generally more aware of how our actions impact those around us. INDYoga Votes—a nonpartisan organization I cofounded with Shannon Brasovan (Practice Indie), Candy Irven (Tree House), and Josh Driver (Open for Service) last year—takes this “off the mat" concept a step further. Our movement empowers yogis to extend their values into civic life by registering to vote and turning out on Election Day. We believe the higher consciousness community has a responsibility to raise our voices in the current political conversation; by participating in the process, we hope to transform a political culture that seems more toxic than ever. During 2014’s midterm elections, Indiana had historically (read: depressingly) low voter turnout. We want to change that in 2016, especially as we see unprecedented energy from all parties around issues like equality, health, education, the environment, campaign finance, and national security. If you aren’t in love with any of the candidates, don’t be discouraged, and don’t just sit on the sidelines. Get informed and support those who most closely align with your values. As INDYoga Votes prepares for a busy summer of registering voters, leading community yoga classes, and planning an outdoor yoga celebration in September (stay tuned!), we asked local yogis about voting, their personal practice, and how the two intersect. Here’s what they had to say: “It is an honor to work for elected officials[,] but it often demands putting your job before your own needs and taking work with you wherever you go. When I'm on my mat I'm able to set [[[[ۈ܈^\[][[X][HXZ\YHY[[ܙHۙY[[ܛ[Y[H^HH^H؋'B'[HXX\\ۙ[\)\B\H[Y]\H\ܝH[˜[Y]H]HH[H[܂[K'B'[H][\YHZ[و[ۜ[\ۙ\ˈ]\^HYܝ\š[^Hۈ[][]HH[[B[ܙHۜ[\[ܛYY^K'B'[H[[ܙH[[Z[Y\Hܛ H[HY]H\™[X[ۈ\[]X][[ۋ]]\Hۋ\\Y[X[YX\]HYYH^Z[[ܙH][[ۈYHX[H[H]][ۈ]H]\[ۙH ۈY\BY[\H[\\Y[\YX\'B'^HXXH[YHK]˜[XXHY[\ۂZ\[Y\[HHܘ]Y[]BH\H[^\[\Y˸'B'\[\]\\]H][\ZH\[\\[[\WH\\[ 'B[[HH[\\X\]Y[\]Y\[ۛZ\H܈\YXK[BZH[\XXHٙHX][[]XYO\[X]\[O\B[\YYX]S[H\ۈXX[Yܘ[K[]\[[\˜][۝[Y[[[HH8'[\\HYHوH[\[]\KY][[[][]K[Z[Y[HHۛY]ٝ[HX\[[\\Z\]X[\X\][[[X[ۜX]\H^B&\[ZHH۝[[۸&H܂^H8&ۉ]HXH܈][قY]]]x&H[Z\]\ˈ[H[&]]Z][\HXXHX]\HY[ۈH\X[H[YܝXB[[H[Y[ \ۘ[[[ۂ\JK[[O\\[[\[BXXK[[\ٝYH[\X\]H[[\ݙ\Y[ [H[X\ܛ[H]\܈] 'BUTSVHБT‚]\[^Hؙ\\HY[[H[][X][ۈ[Z^\[HXX\[]X[\\Y[[X[\\ˈX\[ܙBX]\ٜY[[[^\Xܚ]˂]\[^\ؙ\˘KSPSH SHPQVSHTQHB