Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 23

COMMUNIT Y Photography: Courtesy of Nancy Schalk vice, anywhere, in the future. That call did come, but not for five years. Once again she found herself in a locale with almost no formalized, regular yoga classes, let alone studios. “There was just this cool, hippie, kinda’ tiny community of a few people that practiced Ashtanga,” she says. “So that’s where I practiced and taught, and because great teachers were very attracted to that lovely setting, I got to study with Tim Miller and Richard Freeman and of course, Pattabhi Jois.” She finishes by reiterating that when a master teacher such as Jois visited the island, people like Freeman and Miller were her peers. She lights up as she talks about how special this experience was, not in the least because the groups were so small and intimate, maybe twenty students at the most in attendance with Jois. On Maui, Nancy also saw her own teaching style truly evolve. “I lived in a clothing optional community, actually a bed and breakfast, and we had a small yoga room, and so I taught classes there along with my 500-hour teacher from Sivananda who had joined me to help set up the yoga program,” she says. “I began combining what I’d learned from my trainings in both Sivananda and Ashtanga, which was really interesting because the two styles are somewhat like opposites.” Nancy sighs deeply and pauses after this statement and talks about other aspects of her Maui experience such as the immense natural beauty and freedom of self-expression that was part and parcel of living in such a place. Like any great journey, a dedicated yogic practice comes with surprises, and sometimes coaxes us from our comfort zone. For Nancy, one such surprise and “stepping out” came wh [HH\\[H][ۂX]ZKH][Y[XKY][œx&Y]\[XY[Y\[[˂YHۙ]\][[YZ[š[[XH\Y][8']\H[x'B[]YH[ H\\قXHXYH[^\]\Y\] B[]\HY\[܈\8'Y\[[HX[H\YZ[]H[YK&Y\YHH\[[XH]\XX\[Z\ܛ\ ]H[ۈ\\ H]\[HH\ۙH[ܛ[[ۙ]H[[[8'HH^\ˈ8']\]X]\[ًYX ZH[[][YHۛSPSH SHPQVSHTQHBZH]\۸&]HX\[ۈو^Hۋ'BHܚY[[ۙK[[۝\][XB\Y[[ܙH[YH[۝[[H^YYZ[[]X[H]H]™Y[[[ۈ\ۈ۝[YB][[YZ[[[[˂\ܝ\ NNM[[H]]Yܙ[Y[[ۙY8'[8'H\XK8'^HYYYHK[HYYHYB[X[KRHۙ]\\] \\›^H\XK8'HH^\ˈ8'] H[YH\ۛHZ[X\H^HY [[[][[[XX]ZK'H]\[H\BۛHX[[[ۙ][]][[[\\[HX\HY\›و[Z[Y\&\ˈHYY܈\[XZ[[[X[\\X[YH؝[\ˈ[B\8']\'H\Yۈ\H[œX[^YH\[XH\\ۈ˜\H܈\[\H[ݙY[]\[K]Y[H]\[Y[[][]K[ۈHHو[ ]KX˜\Y]\8'H[Y[X\[[^\[]H[\][]HYYY[YH[HYY\H[^Bۙ[X[HX]\H\Y][\™[X[[˸'B\\[K]H[H܈[B[H[HYY\ˈH]Y\œHX[\\][\ X[Y][[Y[[X[\\&HX\YB]\\\[\[[Y[HZ]\XXH]܈XX[\YHX\H[H[ܛ[ˈ8'Hœ\ۜKۙK8'HH^\ˈ8'HY&]ۛ]H\[˸'H\\[&H[[X[[\ZYx&Y[\[H]Y[H\[H] [K]\B\ ]]\۸&][Y܈[KžYX\Y]H\ۈHX]]\8']][ H\Y\]Q›ۘH\YZ[]\^H\\[ܙY[[H]\[\[Y]\[K]\[ NNNK8'HH^\˂[HXٙH\وYHوB\\HXX[]][YH\[ ]\H\[&]X[K[YB[[Y[X\]\XHۈH[B[HX\HYX\و[X[\\[KHY[[ۜX\H\\ۘHؚ[ۋ\[YHX\[H]\8']\[˸'BB