Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 11

FOOD Henderson also noted that the soil is unique to a particular area. I experienced this many years ago when I lived abroad in both England and Poland. When I tried making dishes from home, even if I had the exact ingredients, they didn’t taste the same because the soil and climate were different, affecting the flavor of the fruits and vegetables. In Poland, there were daily farmers markets, which I visited frequently. I was amazed at how different plums and apples tasted in Poland versus the United States or even England. They were much more fragrant with strong flavors to match, and they were grown without synthetic chemicals. If I could have bottled those smells and worn them as a perfume, I would have. Committing to changing your diet to reflect the season and your region doesn’t mean you have to cook everything at home, though. Many restaurants in the city support offer farm-to-table fare, allowing yet another outlet for locavores. Walk into Ezra’s Enlightened Café in Broad Ripple, f ܈^[\K[[H[YHو\][HH[œ[ ݚY[Xܘ][ۈ[[ܙYY[܈H\Y]Hو\\\Y SPSH SHPQVSHTQHB]Y^H\ۋH\]\[8&\ۙ\\\\X[H[\XH[\\]\[܈H\HوX\ۜX\H[\ܝ[Hو\ܝ[H[\\Έ8'\HH[\\\x&\H[ۈ]B[\]\HZK8'HHZY Y][ۘ[KX][X\ۘ[H[[H[\]HX\[ܙB]Y[ \X\HY\\ܜ˜[]ܜوܛۈ[X\ۂ\H[X]ܜوY\]Y[[YK[HH\]\[\\[H[ [\X\ۈ ܙX]]]H\H]\X]\H^H\H]\\H]^H\B[]HH\\ˈ]]Y^B[\Y\HYܝXH[[›]\HX]H]ܙX]K8'H][\H\8'HZY\ۋ[[\Y]]8&\YX[\^HۘH[HX\ˈ^x&\[X[H\\YH\HۈX^B[ܛ]XوH܈BYK[Y[Y]X\X\[K]XKX]\X[H[XYK[ Y\[\˂[H]X^HH[ܙH۝[Y[ [Y][Y\[]X[HX\\X]]ً\X\ۈHH\\\\[H[\^Z[[ܙH[H[ ܈^[\Kܛۈ]\Y[[ZX[]\HXYYܙH^B\H][\H[\YH\]^BۛH]H\]][ۘ[[YK][[H[XY[HKX][\[[\X\ۈ]\Hܛۈ]]\Y[[ZX[˜\H[ܙH]Y[ Y[KX]\HBH\][]]YY[XYق\[\H[ܚY\HY[[ܙH]\ٚYY \ܘ][\HYXY [BX^H][X]\\H\[ XY[˜[Z]X][HY\\[YHق[]\H[\X\ۈ\]Z\\BY[Z[] ]ۙH]]ܙ\™Y[\ܝXZ[˂H[\YH]Hܛ[[\]Hو\Y\X\][Y\XY[\H\[8&\ܞHKXۛX‚]\K][[\[۞H]BX\ۜ]\ۈH[Y[Y[[ܚY\[[\K[Z[[\]H\H\و]\H[]\[\ܜ]YXܙ[]X\˂Y\Xۚ][ۈ[HZ[˜X]H\KXۛX]\HۂHY\\][ H\HXH\[B][\HوX[[[\\Y[ ZH[YH\X\ۈX[[\Z[ H[[H\[HY\\ۛX[ۈ]]\H[[]Y]^H\]YH[\܋YY]][ۂH\ΈZHH[Hۛ\]\YY\˜H\و[HYܙH][Z[H\ H[H[YH[]HY]XH܈YXHوZ] X[][HB[\\[܈HۙHوH[X\][YH][H][ۈBܛ[ XHH܋Y[H^\B[[\[[[HH[ [BYHH\[[[H[[[HY[H\\[\HXB[X]][[H[XY[H[وB\\]YYH]\›XZH\Z\XK[Y[Z[\[š[H[ Z[[[HHKB\HYوH[^ H\]]\H]\[H۝[Z[™\ۈHXH[[\[˂\H܈[H\HX\\[H\Y]^O[[KZHB]H[]]H[܈\ۙ\œXK]]ܜ[HXH[]X[OX]HZ[]H]\\H\H[Y[[OH[\^\\H]X\ۘHHYZˈ8ܘ\N\\Hو^x&\[Y[YYBB