Indiana Reading Journal Volume 44 Issue 1 - Page 9


I Wanna Be a Teacher

By Shannon Anderson

When I grow up, a teacher I’ll be.

Go in at eight and get off at three.

The kids will bring apples everyday.

(I’ll definitely keep the doctor away.)

My students will come in excited to learn.

I can’t wait to hand out the A’s that they’ll earn.

“Best teacher ever” the parents will say.

They’ll send me thank you cards everyday.

My boss will constantly sing my praises.

I bet every year I’ll earn giant raises.

I’ll buy lots of class pets with all of the money-

A turtle, a hamster, a lizard, a bunny.

We’ll do lots of crafts and read books galore.

At the end of the day, they’ll be begging for more.

New bulletin boards each week would be cool.

My kids will have projects all over the school.

I’ll sip warm tea from my many mugs,

And best of all, I’ll get lots of hugs.

That was a poem about what I thought

Being a teacher was like before I taught.

Now I know that apples are rare,

Sometimes the parents don’t seem to care.

Seven o’clock is when I arrive.

I usually stay at least until five.

The kids don’t always want to learn,

And sometimes C’s are what they earn.

Bosses don’t always know what you do,

Thank you notes come, but sadly so few.

Class pets are messy and sometimes they die.

Some days kid’s home lives will cause you to cry.

No time for crafts or projects for fun.

Bulletin boards may stay up from day one.

But still I love teaching, and love what I do.

There are so many blessings despite all the “poo”.

I’ll keep loving kids and do my part,

To plan, and prepare, and teach from the heart.

Despite what I thought, I had one thing right…

I’ll sip warm tea from my many mugs,

And best of all, I’ll get lots of hugs.