Indiana Reading Journal Volume 44 Issue 1 - Page 10


ISRA Classroom Mini Grant Winner:

Cheyenne Wilder

The purpose of the ISRA Professional Development Grant Program is to encourage and support projects that promote professional preparation and continuous professional growth in reading by providing materials/supplies needed to conduct worthwhile projects. Up to two (2) $250 grants will be awarded to teachers in kindergarten through grade 12. The grant funds are to be spent purchasing materials/supplies beyond those provided by regular school district funds. These grants are not to replace regular school district funds. Each local council can apply for mini grant from ISRA to supplement their funds for a special program.

ISRA Edith Janes Reading Teacher of the Year Award Winner:

Francine Hewett

Each local council in Indiana is challenged to select its “most outstanding reading teacher.” This award recognizes a reading teacher whose commitment to reading is exemplary. The Edith Janes Indiana Reading Teacher of the Year committee will review all nominees and determine the recipient. The nominee selected will receive a $200 cash award.

2014 Award Winners