InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 6

table of contents 2 Welcome about the cover In Billy Wilder’s uproarious 1959 comedy “Some Like It Hot”, The Del had a starring role in the film and the “Grande Dame” was certainly ready for her close up, just like fellow legend Marilyn Monroe. Story has it that Monroe herself felt right at home at The 4 Epic Experiences 7 The Legend Lives On 8 Dining at The Del 10 In 1500 OCEAN With Patrick Ponsaty 12 Creating DELmemories at Beach Village 14 Behind the Lens 17 A Night To Remember 18 InDELible Experiences 22 The Path to Wellness 24 Meditation and Personality 26 What’s New Editor Ann Wycoff 28 Only At The Del Copy Editor Gina Petrone Del, not to mention, she adored the hotel chef’s cold vanilla soufflé with egg-white decoration, which she requested daily. InDELible 130th Anniversary Edition Hotel del Coronado January 2018 Contributing Writers Erin Jackson, Meagan McCrary, Ann Wycoff Contributing Photographer Leetal Elmaleh H FVFV6&FS&vRfVVP6&F4#Cc3S30wwrFVFV6Фd"FV6&FErFV6&FFV6&FDTƖ&R2FW6vVBB&GV6VB'DU5d5U5DT$ĕ4pDU5d0sV6&VWf&@7VFR3CpW64C c#cӃ3S0wwrFW7f6ФDEdTUdU5DT$dTUd4U$DTT4D4R%DUu$Tr$p4$Ĕt4PDTĔ$P0Td$TDŐ$U54$RD2tR2$DTB#R$T54TBP5D45TU"t5DRU"2U4TB$P4$4TBU"$DU"TUE2"U4TTE2dTDU$$U4U$4R44U%dD$T4dU%5@$5$5DD$E24$tB *#%DTDT4$D