InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 27

Luxuries essential oils THE HEALING POWER OF LAVENDER Aromatherapy has blossomed as a healing modality, as more and more people recognize the benefit of using natural plant medicine as a remedy. Essential oils are the distilled pure essence of plants and have been around for thousands of years. Egyptians used the extracted oils in their beauty rituals, religious ceremonies and medicinal therapies for millennia, as have Ayurvedic practitioners. Lavender is a great calmer and healing essential oil. It’s natural sedative properties help the body sleep and relax. It’s also a tonic for anxiety issues, migraines, nervous tension and emotional stress. Simply inhaling it deeply before bed or placing a few drops on your pillow can combat insomnia and lead to a good night’s sleep. take home treasure LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS SHOWER MIST Tap into tranquility with this calming mist that blends the healing powers of lavender and eucalyptus. A quick few sprays of this dynamic duo into your shower and you’ve got a spa at home. Inhale deep and say Spaaaahhh. Available at Spa at The Del. 619.522.8100 | HOTELDEL.COM 27