InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 26

What's New starlight services This new couples massage takes place on the spa’s private terrace next to the fire pit and infinity pool. Couples don headphones and fall into a meditative trance from the music of gentle gongs and a healing touch massage under the stars. 80 minutes Spa at The Del The Del has long been a restorative retreat since it opened its doors in 1888 as travelers enjoyed the curative powers of the ocean, fresh sea air and California sunshine to improve their health and wellbeing. Spa at The Del has several therapies inspired by the healing powers of the sea for you to enjoy during your stay. GODDESS OF THE SEA This blissful healing scrub uses oil, seaweed and sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and infuse the skin with seaweed extract, rich in vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system and leave the skin silky soft. 50 minutes This powerful mud wrap acts as a sound bathing detoxifier and purifier that also leaves Immersing the mind, body and soul in beautiful music is another form of SEAWEED MUD WRAP LET THE MUSIC CARRY YOU AWAY your skin firm and supple. Once meditation that’s resonating with Zen-seekers. The sounds of planetary covered with the seaweed infused mud, gongs and crystal singing bowls take you on an inner journey to a place a natural anti-aging booster, the body where time feels suspended. In this world of vibration and soulful healing, is wrapped to create heat, allowing the you can drift into profound relaxation and connect with consciousness. It is copper, magnesium, zinc and other meditation made easy. Complimentary headphones and iPods await at Spa minerals to enter the skin. After a Swiss at The Del, so you can elevate your spirit and while lounging by the infinity shower, a nourishing massage follows pool before or after your treatment and experience sound bathing. with vitamin A, C and E enriched cream. 80 minutes 26