InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 25

Luxuries Tips When it comes to developing a regular meditation practice, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Keep it Yoga Nidra simple, meditation can take place in a which is a deep yet conscious state a cushion at an altar to meditate. That Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, Mantra Meditation Mantra meditation involves silently repeating a word, syllable, or phrase— training the mind to sustain focus. While there are hundreds of mantras in the various spiritual traditions, the most widely known being “om,” it can really of relaxation. A form of guided meditation, the practice of yoga nidra involves lying comfortably and following verbal cues that systematically bring your awareness to different parts of the body until you are profoundly relaxed. be anything you want; a popular mantra Both Head Space (headspace. technique in the west is repeating “let” on com) and Insight Timer an inhale and “go” on an exhale. ( offer free moment with a deeper, more conscious breath. You don’t have to be seated on being said, here are three helpful tips for your meditation journey: 1. Keep it short - five minutes or less to start 2. Use a timer - it helps relax the mind 3. Be comfortable - lie down if need be - just try not to fall asleep meditations, timers and apps, so you can get your Zen on. 619.522.8100 | HOTELDEL.COM 25