InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 23

DELifornia Dreaming A s a culture, we are in the middle of a shift as a new mindset towards holistic well-being has entered the mainstream. In reaction to the daily bombardment of stressors and constant connection to technology, many people are seeking ways to bring balance into their lives. Wellness is a worldwide trend as people are becoming more proactive in managing their own health and happiness. Many spas are changing their focus from places of indulgent pampering to wellness havens with authentic healing experiences, where clients can unplug and unwind, and de- stress and detox from daily life. Custom- tailored therapies, organic products, farm to table food, and the integration of nature are also high priorities on restorative getaways. Whether its yoga on the beach, a mindful meditative walk, or massage under the stars with the soundtrack of the sea, nature in all her glory has become both a luxury and great nurturer, helping us restore our physical and emotion well- being. So take a deep breath, kick off your shoes and try these healing experiences to elevate your mind, body and soul. 619.522.8100 | HOTELDEL.COM 23