InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 21

Mermaid Fitness  “When I first heard about mermaid fitness, I thought it would be some “fluffy” workout class made up for the media, but let me tell you that the mermaid class at The Del is a REAL workout!! Think Pilates meets aqua aerobics on steroids. My core was sore for a couple days after the class. We started by picking out our colorful mermaid tails, and as soon as I slipped mine on, I immediately began to channel my inner Ariel. The workout consisted of land and water exercises using the foam water noodles. Arm and ab resistance training was the primary focus. As we progressed through the workout, we got back into the pool and tossed our tails around, swimming in a synchronized motion with all the mermaids. The end of the class, which consisted of “play time,” was my favorite part.  I really felt like a mermaid, just maybe not as graceful as Ariel. It was a super fun experience, like nothing I’ve ever done before.  Krystal Champion Spa Consultant, Nutrition Coach and San Diego mother of two kids.   619.522.8100 | HOTELDEL.COM 21