InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 14

Behind the Lens SPOTLIGHT ON CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN RUSSO H e has photographed HOW DID YOU END UP BEHIND THE LENS? WHO WAS THE MOST INTERESTING Matt Damon for the cover I was always the kid running around with a SUBJECT TO SHOOT? of Vanity Fair; Gwyneth camera in my hand taking pictures of my Malala Yousafzai. Not only did she win the for Vogue, and Brad for friends. So I knew it was inevitable that I would Nobel Peace Prize, she’s such an iconic Esquire; and his images be a photographer. figure in our world today. WHO INFLUENCED YOU TO PURSUE FOR WHOM DID YOU PHOTOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPHY? MICHELLE OBAMA? I was inspired by the work of Bruce Weber Parade Magazine. of Leo DiCaprio from The Revenant landed all over the world. Loved by the talent, trusted by their gatekeepers, John Russo has emerged as one of the most sought- after celebrity photographers. His iconic soul-catching covers and brilliant work have transformed Russo into somewhat of a celebrity himself, known for his sense of style, appreciation of architecture and eye for beautiful things. and Herb Ritts. WHAT PATH LED TO CELEBRITIES? IN THE LIFE OF AN A-LIST CELEB Because I love a challenge, I decided to PHOTOGRAPHER? enter the ultra-competitive world of celebrity Lots of preparation, 80s dance music, photography just to prove to myself that I can and great energy [][H]^HZ[˂H X[KY[QSSԐPH‘XH HH]H]H[\YYHو^H[Y[[ܘXH\B[H]Z\[\ZYۜ[\[Hܛ8&\[[X^[X\ˈH›ۈ][X]]H[H8$\Xܘ\\\[[X[H[H[Z[\\[Yܘ[\8$ܘXH]Y[H[Z[[܈H[X[KHY\و[Z[\Y\ZH\][[و\H\H\]ݙ\ق[ۈ[[Hܘ]ٛܙ \وYH][][]H[HXۜ X\\[H[X]HۙۋH[[\ܘ\[•H[8&\ L[]\\K\[ۘ\P\[[][ܚ܈[Y][\[ܙYXHܚ[\[[\H \ۈH[ۈXX\H M N B]Y\]H]H[[XHUSPUHTPSHB\]Y[ˈSUTԈTTTPO]\[H]KRۙ\\Y[][H]HPԑUSTPT’HZH^\[\[\KHSSPUQTTSHURTSPQOX]\HH]HZ\\[\\]X\ TTHSSӑHSHUHԐTQTQӂSTT“XYۛKX[[[[HݙH\UTHHQTSSTшSTЏ•Z[]][^H[\Y[Kو^H\ HH[HY]\H[UTHHԑPUTZHHۙ]\ܙ]\H\\HUT˜[[Z[ˈH^YY]\\H܈H[[Y\[ܘ\\[YB[YHܝ[]H[[XZ[\\[]H˂]]\[\\ؘ[ MUHTHSTHшHV