InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 11

DELectable Any special ingredients on the menu? Ecuadorian shrimp and Turbotin (same family as halibut) from Spain. Also, seaweed from the deep waters off San Diego’s coast. And Bordier Butter. I discovered it during my trip to Brittany last year. Jean Yves Bordier comes from generations of cheesemongers and is a true butter artisan, dedicated to the art of kneading, a 19th century traditional method. He makes the best butter in the world, used by chefs like Alain Ducaisse and Joel Rubuchon. 1500 OCEAN will be the only restaurant to have it in San Diego.  We’ll be serving three types—Brittany Salt, Seaweed and Espelette Pepper—all delicious with the local Prager Brothers SPECIAL EVENT breads. Tasting this butter means never being able to go without it! What can guests look forward to this year? Celebrating 130 years of exceptional dining We’ll be changing the menu seasonally, and using the ingredients at the peak of their season. We’ll be doing a series of wine dinners with some of the finest vintners in the world and some culinary collaborations with guest chefs from Europe and Baja.   What’s your style as a chef? On February 19, 1888, the first official meal was served at The Del to the delight of the lucky guests staying at the newly opened seaside retreat. Over the years, The Del has hosted its share of inDELible feasts from black tie champagne soirees honoring royals and heroes like Prince Edward and Charles Lindbergh, to presidential parties, epic Sunday Brunches and romantic dining à deux by the sea. I’m very approachable. People will see a lot of me – from touching tables and meeting guests to picking fresh herbs in our garden. (hint: he’s usually there around 5 pm) What’s the best thing about working at The Del? Most of my life I’ve been lucky to work on the coast, from France to Spain and in San Diego. For the past 20 years I’ve worked inland. Now that I am back to To commemorate the hotel’s legendary culinary history, 1500 OCEAN and Chef Patrick Ponsaty are cooking up a spectacular 130th Anniversary Dinner. A sunset toast on the Windsor Lawn kicks off the celebration with fireworks painting the evening sky, open to all Del guests. A six-c W'6PVR7V6ǒ7&VFVB'6Vb6Gfw2vFF6W2WW'Fǐ&VBvFG6VBVVRvW2g&&VBFRv&BF( B֗70FR6Vg&B6VV'&FfV''V'F#f"&RFWF2@FW"&W6W'fF2vFFVFV6FR67BfR&R7&F66VR@6VFRvFW"N( 2V6W"f"RF7&VFRVPW&R&Vr7&VB'FRFw2FB6RFRFV( 2f'7B6VbBVRFƶr2g&VFW&6W'&R6vv0g&F27&VF&R6F7v72&&B&2G&VB'&vrv&Fǒ7VƖ'6RFFR&W6'@vV^( &RB6~( bƖRFVB6WFV7VFrFRvFגv&g&VBV6VFBfRFRwVFWRW6f6FrFPvW&W2B&W7FW&G2FW&RFR6Vg2FW&P&6W7BƖR&W6VBF6VbG&66GFRFVFVB6v6VB&RfVBFR&W6'N( 2F&frv&FVVƖrg&W6fVvWF&W2BW&'0F6W'fRvFFR66VfBFBWfV~( 2V6B6VV23V'2FW"v^( fR6RgV6&6R&RFr6RrFw2Rff&FR2gVf7C6Vb6vv2FRvW7BBVVRbFVFVFV6( 2N( 2G'Vǒf&FF&RBRvF66&F&V6VfrVV&BbC#W"FFR6Vg26FRF6W2&vBg&BbRVf&RcS#"DTDT4