InDELible Magazine 2018 - Page 10

In the Kitchen With Patrick Ponsaty J REFINED COASTAL CUISINE ust like The Del is an icon, so too is Chef Patrick Ponsaty. For twenty years, the fifth- generation chef has been dazzling San Diego diners with his culinary vision inspired by the robust flavors of Europe’s Mediterranean coast. A friend to farmers and fishermen, Ponsaty has formed multi-decade relationships with local growers and producers, which means only the best seasonal produce and proteins find their way to your plate. How has San Diego’s dining scene evolved? It’s getting more sophisticated. I remember when I used to do escargot and other more formal fine dining dishes 15 years ago. It was very unpopular, but now the San Diego dining scene has evolved and diners are more open, from classic French dishes to cutting edge techniques. It’s also a good thing the farm-to-table movement has also grown so much. People are more aware and concerned with where their food is coming from. What are you hoping to accomplish as chef de cuisine at 1500 OCEAN? To be one of the best dining destinations in San Diego. To respect the product and not over- manipulate the ingredients, to train our staff perfectly, and to stand out as a restaurant that is doing things differently than everyone else. How do you describe your culinary vision for the restaurant? California coastal cuisine. Intense flavor and simple recipes. You have to find the best product and respect them. All paired with great wines and set in front of the most perfect backdrop. 10