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5 I n c i t e /I ns i ght W i n te r 201 8 6 In c it e / In sig h t W int e r 2 018 TIOS in the Springtime W R I T T EN BY PAUL BREWSTER M arch in New York City: slushy streets, stuffy apartments, chilly subway platforms, and the yearning for spring. In the trying winter months, it can be hard to stay motivated for arts educators working with cabin-fevered young people! Luckily, AATE” to “American Alliance for Theater & Education (AATE) and Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) give us reason to celebrate, as March is Theatre in Our Schools Month! And in New York, we honor that celebration with a rejuvenating gathering of colleagues. The annual New York Theatre in our Schools (NY TIOS) event has been a staple in the professional development landscape for theatre educators in our region. The first time I attended I was immediately struck by the caring community of artists, educators, and scholars that had assembled to exchange best practices. A full-day of workshops and a keynote presentation left me buzzing with ideas to bring into my practice as an arts educator and administrator. The following year I hoped to return the favor by sharing some of my tips and tricks of teaching technical theater. By presenting a workshop, I got a look into the inner workings of the event, and immediately appreciated the efforts of the committee volunteering their time and energy to provide this service to the community. Sign me up! By joining the planning committee, the feeling of community I previously felt on just the day of the event was instead sustained over several months of collaborating with respected colleagues to plan and execute NY TIOS. Each year the committee surveys the participating community about their experience, and the event has evolved to serve the interests and needs of the group. This year, our committee was proud to produce an event on March 1, 2018 that convened artists, educators, and scholars for facilitated conversations and art- making. With an emphasis on peer- to-peer exchange, the participants made meaningful connections with colleagues that we hope will open dialogue all the year round. Plus, thanks to the generosity of Disney Theatrical Group, The New Victory Theater, and Roundabout Theatre Company, participants had the opportunity to attend a show at a deeply discounted rate. Follow the Theatre in our Schools - NY page at as we share highlights from our conference at #TIOS18 #TheatreInOurSchools daily facts throughout the month of March! PAUL BREWSTER is a New York City based theatre artist, educator, and administrator driven to create aesthetic and educational experiences for youth and families. Paul is the Managing Director for Trusty Sidekick Theater Company, which creates bold, original productions for young people and their families ( He is a teaching artist with multiple organizations, an adjunct professor at City College of New York, and has numerous directing and stage management credits at regional and off-Broadway theatres. NY TIOS is an annual reminder of the strength of our arts education community and helps us collectively reach for those hopeful spring days of student productions and culminating events with a renewed sense of purpose and a few new strategies to impact our students. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz