Incite/Insight Winter 2018 Incite Insight Winter 2018 - Page 4

Editor’s Letter Contents On the Cover 5 7 Network Spotlight TIOS in the Springtime by Paul Brewster High School: From the Conference to the Classroom byJustin F. Charles With Your Consent: Safety and Empowerment in the Arts by Carolyn Marie Wright Pre-K-8: Student-Driven Productions Are Their Own Circle of Life by Maren Oom Galarpe Lesson Plan Exploration 11 15 I am so excited to introduce you all to the new Incite/Insight. As the Board of Directors discussed the best way to revive this popular publication for the 17 American Alliance for Theater & Education (AATE) community, it dawned on us that a digital magazine would be a great way to reach our membership and beyond. Board Perspective Kindness in the Cure by Margaret Boersma 21 Representation and Advocacy through EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) - Forward Momentum by Elena Velasco and J oel Jason Rodriguez Member’s Corner 23 Giving Back and Paying It Forward by Joan Lazarus 25 Differentiated Instruction in Theatre Education by Ruth Taylor 28 Events and Happenings Erika Atkins Header Editor/Board of Directors, Communications Director In this issue we are looking at the growth of AATE over the years. Longtime member and former Board President Joan Lazarus gives us insight into the history of the organization and how it has influenced her own career in “Giving Back and Paying It Forward”. In “Representation and Advocacy through EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) - Forward Momentum” current Board Members and Multiculturalism and Diversity Directors Elena Velasco and Joel Rodriguez reflect on the importance of equity and diversity in our own organization and share our new diversity statement. Paul Brewster writes about the importance and changing dynamics of one of our most popular programs, Theater in Our Schools, in New York City in “TIOS in the Springtime.” We get into some lesson plan explorations with Incite/ Insight’s very own Carolyn Marie Wright, who explores a lesson plan surrounding consent in the arts that was conducted in Conway, Arkansas with students and community artists in “With Your Consent: Safety and Empowerment in the Arts” and Margaret Boserma, who looks at activities that can be integrated into teaching to help support empathy and kindness in “Kindness is the Cure.” Ruth Taylor dives into the studies that looks at the ability of theater education to reach students with disabilities in “Differentiated Instruction in Theater Education.” And last, but certainly not least, each of our quarterly issues will spotlight one or two AATE Networks and the great work it’s members are doing. In this issue we feature our Pre-K - 8 and High School networks. We will look at how the experience of creating a stage production can develop transferable skills in young students in “Student-Driven Productions Are Their Own Circle of Life” by Maren Oom Galarpe. Justin F. Charles will share key takeaways from the 2017 AATE conference for working with high school students in “From the Conference to the Classroom.” This is a publication for theater and education professionals, by theater and education professionals. We are letting the members dictate the topics of each issues through feedback and contributions, and then sharing it out with the rest of you. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.