Incentive&Motivation Magazine June Edition - Page 8

>>> over and it was very, very effective. kids using afterschool clubs, Britvic lunch boxes promoting the 5 a day campaign and countless charities have used merchandise very successfully raising not only revenue but awareness. Another recent example is the amount of branded clothing for the UK referendum for both campaigns and with possibly the biggest use for merchandise in last year’s American presidential election. (It is estimated that Donald Trump spent over $15m, far more than Hilary Clinton). Unsurprisingly many T shirt printers were highly active during the campaign, printing slogans based on the key speeches and worst gaffes made by both the presidential hopefuls! The Make America Great Again baseball cap was universally promoted the world How important is ‘brand’ in an increasingly price led world? recently having seen them on a video posted on social media, I think we will see massive changes in this area. Very important, and branded merchandise has a most valuable role in doing so. Notice how Victoria Beckham has trademarked her children and the use of certain items of merchandise associated with them. Marketers say that they see quality as the most important element when procuring merchandise yet often will demand ever lower prices due to budget restrictions. If you want your customers to associate your organisation with quality then give them something of value. What does the future hold? I think the phenomenon ahead of us, and already growing rapidly, is video. I have bought 3 things The easy way to order your branded staff work wear Have you ever considered a web shop for ordering personalised corporate wear? With our free of charge sites - now might be the ideal time! • No need to purchase and hold stock yourselves • No minimum orders • We create your bespoke web shop Free of Charge • Additional garments can be added at any stage • All production is carried out here at our premises for ensured quality assurance • Consistency of branding • Personalisation options can be added (such as the purchasers name embroidered on the item) You can always speak to us directly for a bulk discount on larger orders for yourselves for events "The service provided by Total Clothing has been excellent. It has enabled us to supply over 120 franchisees with bespoke CW branded clothing without having to worry about the quality, whether it will get there on time or if it is the correct size…they have made life so much easier for us and increased our brand exposure." Gavin Askew - Cartridge World Don't delay! Call today and ask us about our corporate websites. 01733 394758 | Page 8 |