Incentive&Motivation Magazine June Edition - Page 6

Bright Ideas What are the very best workplaces doing to engage and reward employees? 6. Hilton Worldwide makes the most of social media with leaders and employees staying connected via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, instant messaging and texting. 1. Niche technology recruiter, MRL Group, has launched a paid sabbatical scheme as part of the employee wellbeing package. Recruiters at the Brighton based firm are entitled to take part in the scheme, which not only offers a month off (fully paid), but also a £1,000 one off payment, after every five years of service. 7. Flight Centre allows top performers to have the chance to attend Global Gathering: an annual conference in an exciting international destination. Packed full of inspiring presentations and amazing celebrations, some of the most recent Global Gatherings have seen over 2,000 outstanding individuals go to Macau, Cancun and Las Vegas, with celebrity guests such as, Fatboy Slim, Michael J Fox and more in attendance. 2. Marshall Motor Holdings have a ‘Code of Business Ethics’ booklet which includes a ‘decision tree’ to help colleagues when faced with a difficult situation. 3. Thinkbda offer a bespoke year- long programme for each employee to take long-term ownership of one of the company’s corporate values. 4. Brewdog offer 1 week’s paid ‘pawternity leave’, a scheme that allows employees time to bond with their new puppy or a rescue dog. 5. Starbucks offers a College Achievement Plan, a program that allows all eligible U.S. employees (those who work 20 hours or more per week) to earn a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program, with full tuition coverage. Page 6 | 8. R.Twinings & Company Limited have an Harry Potter-esque initiative where each employee is allocated a ‘house group’ where they can earn points through activities all year round, including charity events, winning values awards and referring friends for employment. 9. Hilton Worldwide hold an annual ‘team member appreciation week’ showcasing best practice across all their hotels and corporate locations, with a packed schedule of activities, competitions, treats and events. 10. Mars UK has a Coffee Connections initiative, where the business randomly pairs two people to have a coffee together in the office to build connections. It starts with the logo - creating loyalty with 11. Hyatt Hotels Corporation hold a ‘celebrating our people’ week where hotel managers thank their staff each day in different and unique ways. Some managers act as chauffeurs and some wash employees’ cars – it’s all about switching the roles! 12. Goodman Masson thanked employees for their hard work by leaving a golden ticket on a di \[[\YYx&\\]\H^B܈ LYZݙ\[[Y\ M^\[YYX]܈]\Œ M[[K\X]H[\[\\][^\]Hۙۂ\]\[ ܚX]]ܙ8&\[BZ\[ۈYHB]8&\[]][BLˈ[Z]RXۚ\\š[ݘ][ۜ][]\X[[Y]\Y\[\YY\˜[\Z\ˈ[\XZ]BH]YKXۚ][ۈۈB&[ݘ][ۈ[و[Yx&K[\]H^X]]HX[HH[^[\ZY\܈ˈ[\˜\H[ܘ[YYH܈^[۝ܚۈH]ڙX M ]Z[[X[ܙB^\Y[Y[\YY\\X]B\]\[\YHH[ZH[ݙH]^HHܚ8&[HY[8&HۜY\Hۜ[]]BH][H\[\[]HHY[ܚ[[YK™^\Y[Y[[Y\[\BZ\ۛYH[[Z[B^[\][ۋ\[\^XBܚ[]\[XBH[Y\ܚ[[YHY[\\Y˂[[ۘ[Y\[\Bܙۈ[\\\Y[BXYوHR[[ۘ[Y\[\H\X][ۋBPK܈H\ LYX\˜[\H[ Zۛۈ]]ܚ]BۈH0XY\\[Y[\KH]Y\][H\\H[[ܛو[[ۘ[Y\[\H[]]YX[š[[[ܙX\[HY][ܛ ][H[H\\[ۂو[[ۘ[Y\[\B\\\X\][˜X]]Y\\O’H[X\\X\]\[\[][YH[XB[HZ^XZH]ܚ[[[Yܘ]H][\\وH][X[[\X ]\\H\H[YH™\H]H[Z\HܙX]ܝ[]KH\Y\YœYHYH^X]ܜ]Yš[\HX\][][\[\H]\H\[\[[Y[˜[]H[YHH\]܋[ZH[[X[B[XYܙ[X\H[YY\[\HX[H[۝^BH\[Y\YK[YY\[\H\]\Y[\][Y\\[X^[\[[[[]B[[ݘ]]H[[]Z[XK]H[[\\[ۜY[[\Xۈ\\[Z][\܂[[X\\“XY[Y\]HY ]\[ۙB[Y\[\HX\œ]YH\\\ۈH\BZ[[YH\\\\X˜XH[ܙX]]]KH۸&][H[\H\[^\[Y][Hٙ\[[Y[[XX[]Y\XZ[][[[܈^Y\ۛ]^H[ [\YܙB'Y\[\H\ۙHوH[\[[]]ܜ[HZ][\Y[H[[\\Y\\X]H[\ܙ[\][ۂ]]X[]H[]H[HY][و[YK'BX][][[H\Z[]K\XXHY][[[\XYH]X\Y\[H\ۘ[\][ۋۙHوHY\ܛ[˂[ܙHX[KH\HYZ[Y˜[\\[Y\[\B\H]X]^H]\H[XXB][YHX[KH^XYBHܛ[[ܙH[X[[[X[ [[HܛYX\]˜ܙX]H[] [X]›ٝ[[H\HH[Y]Y›܈H[[]܋]\ ML [Y\BYX\ۈ]\YHH[XH[ٙYKݙ\YX\YX[[Kݙ\Z[[ۈYY\]]HY[[]\Y\[HH\Z[[\[HX\]\\\ۂ]H][B]8&\[YY\][؛HH[[ۘ[[[]\ܚ]\HܙX][\ZYۈZO“Y\[\H\ۙHوH[\[[]]ܜ[BZ][\[ܙH[[H]B]ܙY]܈Hۙ\ [\\˜[YH][\X\][œ\^H[ L\HX][[]]\\[BZ][\Y][ۘ[K[\[B\Y\[\[[\[HY\ܜ][[HBXH\]^HX[Y[HY[ Y\[\HܚH[H[H[YHX˜[\ZYۈ]ݙ\ [H\ZB[\\H^[\Hق][Z\\Y\\BZ\^\Y[\ۛ[K\™^[YZ\8&[ۚ^x&H[\ZYۂ][ۈXٙ\܈H[YX[YH] ] L X˜Z[XY\ \]B[YYY]X^X܈ӕSQQ˚[[]X[[]][ۋHYH