Incentive&Motivation Magazine June Edition - Page 2

Welcome Welcome to the June edition of Incentive&Motivation. What a year it is shaping up to be! Editor’s Note Customer loyalty is still looked upon as a holy grail in businesses. Not only to do we want loyal customers who have a strong connection to our brand and who add more to the bank over a long term relationship, we also want more people through the door. This month we look at the draw of promotional merchandise with the BPMA, the importance of prizes with Nick Deyong of NDL as well as some of the great things other companies are offering to increase internal engagement. We have a special interview with ‘The Sporting Mind’s’ Andy Barton, a regular on BBC 2 Newsnight who is called upon to offer wisdom into what drives and motivates us. On behalf of myself and the editorial team, I thank you for your continued support of Incentive&Motivation Magazine. Please do stay in touch with us on where you will find new content every day. Wishing you the very best for this quarter of the year! Yours sincerely, Elaine Keep Editor-in-Chief IN THIS ISSUE 4 5 The world of rewards, incentives and benefits Team Spirit 14 Glorious gift cards We’ve sniffed out some good ideas to enhance that Summer feeling 6 Bright Ideas 15 5 Tips for Rewarding Staff 7 It starts with a logo 16 The Business of Belief Compare how you engage with the other bright sparks across the World We talk Beckhams, meerkats and measuring success with the BPMA’s Gordon Glenister Why are Gift Cards so great for business? By Sarah Chesterton from Sainsbury’s Business Direct Meet coach to the stars and all round cheery chap, Andy Barton 10 Everyones a winner 18 ‘Mother Pukka’ Interview 12 In Tech 19 Do you work with an engagement vampire? Page 2 | The Headlines The secrets to behind a great incentive are revealed with NDL’s Nick Deyong from Alexa to Slack, what tech could shape up your working day? Meet the brains and the beauty that is Anna Whitehouse - aka ‘Mother Pukka’ | Page 3