Incentive&Motivation Magazine June Edition - Page 12

IN TECH Tech Trends Page 12 | See the future with Virtual Reality While only 3% of people use VR right now, around a third of people think that it will transform their work environments in the coming decade. The headsets allow you to enjoy up to 32 sensors, and 2160x1200 graphics, making an immersive experience where anything is possible. Holiday tours may be shown within a VR headset. Surgeries may be ‘pre-run’ in the safety of VR. Car sales, promotional wear – there is no limit to what could be shown within the VR space in the future. Already, “Wild Within” is a VR experience that promotes tourism in Canada’s British Columbia allowing viewers to travel through a rainforest via the coastline or mountain, and according to Forbes, 50% of customers in the first year of London dealership’s Audi VR experience pilot ordered vehicles without a physical test drive, basing their purchase decision upon their virtual experience. Enhance Internal Communication with Slack Make business more efficient with Amazon Alexa One study from Prescient Digital Media highlighted that 31% of employees never use their company intranet, and only 13% use it on a daily basis. Some common detractors are that there are a multitude of ways to get in touch via email or Skype and when it comes to saving files, again there are many options internally… desktop or Cloud based services like Google Drive and Dropbox. If there aren’t any clear rules and it feels messy, you may want to look at Slack. With 2.7 million users, one of the key reasons to Slack’s success is the ability to integrate. For example, integrating Asana, the task management tool for teams will allow you to send updates to chosen channels when a task is created, completed, or gets a new comment. Another integration – ‘’ - provides one-click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. This integration lets your team use the commands to start a video conference in your channel, making it easy for others to easily join the call! On top of that, the integrations and ‘bots’ are well worth looking at. Healthy bot could remind employees to make healthier habits like stretching at intervals or drinking water, whilst ‘Vote’ allows teams to anonymously vote on anything. The RBC has suggested that by the year 2020 Amazon could have sold 60 million Echo / Alexa devices within just one year, making it capable of generating a huge $5 billion in revenue. Obviously, this is a dream for any stakeholder of Amazon – but what about businesses? Just this year, Reward Gateway launched the first ever Employee Virtual and Augmented Reality… meaning that their clients will be able to ask their Amazon Echo details about the performance of their engagement programme, what company news is trending and which of their benefits are proving most popular, as well as asking Alexa to recite this data within a specified time period. This is the first step towards the next generation of technology in the workplace and means our clients will have another tool at their disposal to build a meaningful connection with their employees Networking Apps We all have a smartphone so it makes sense that you don’t just use it to look at photos. Install a business app to find events in your area, try out Happening, the app that allows you to save events to calendar and send RSVP’s. You can also see who else in your network is attending – ideal if you want sales coverage. Meetup is another good alternative, especially if you are in a niche business. Find like- minded people in the local area, and as the name suggests, meet up! Meetings are pre-arranged, or you can decide to create your own event for a small fee. If you attend a lot of conferences and networking events, you’ll likely collect a lot of business cards from the people you meet - something that still isn’t really going digital yet. Take a look at Camcard or Card Munch… professional business card readers that store photos taken of cards and allow extra notes to be made, ideal if you need to send leads back to base. Influencer Marketing It’s not a gadget or a tool, but it’s a trend that’s happening digitally. If you aren’t aware of your brand influencers and advocates, now is the time to start taking influencer marketing seriously. A recent study from Bloglovin’ found that influencers motivate action in over 60% of digitally savvy women, with 55% of sales attributed to sponsored posts on social networks and, according to Hubspot, 71% of consumers being more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. When Levi’s added a Facebook “like” button to its website, the brand experienced 40 times the website traffic. Likewise, American Eagle customers spent 57 percent more after a “like” button was added! | Page 13