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News | PARKING STUDY Village of Berwyn/Eastown Library Parking Study Underway As the first step in implementing its newly adopted Comprehensive Plan, the Easttown Township Board of Supervisors (Board) recently kicked off a Parking Study for the Village of Berwyn/Eastown Library. The Board hired its Transportation Engineer, McMahon Associates, to complete the Parking Study, which is scheduled to be completed in April 2019. The Board also appointed a nine-member Advisory Committee consisting of residents, local business owners, and Township staff to help guide McMahon Associates, as it progresses with the Study. The focus of the Parking Study is the Village of Berwyn (see the below map), which i ncludes taking a close look at the parking needs of the Easttown Library. Highlights of the Parking Study will include: • Inventory of parking throughout the Village, including the number of parking on-street and within parking lots open to the public, parking restrictions, street widths, etc. • Count parking demands on a typical weekday and weekend to determine when and where parking is available and where parking is at capacity. • Evaluate parking conditions to identify parking issues, patterns, and deficiencies, as well as to provide recommendations for parking management strategies. During the course of the Parking Study, the Advisory Committee will engage the residents, business owners, employees, and patrons through public meetings, public workshops, and surveys. The initial community engagement includes a Public Survey, which is available to be completed now through September 01, 2018. To complete the Online Survey, please visit Paper copies of the Survey are also available at the Easttown Township Building and Easttown Library. The Township would like to encourage not only its Village of Berwyn residents, business owners, and their employees to fill out the Survey, but also those living elsewhere in the Township and those individuals who come into the Village to partake of the library, shops, and restaurants. All opinions regarding parking in the Village of Berwyn Study Area are welcomed. Following the Survey will be a Public Workshop to be held in early Fall. This Public Workshop will provide residents, visitors, business owners, and employees with another opportunity to share their parking experiences within the Village of Berwyn. The Board asks that you please visit the Township’s Website at and Facebook Page at regularly to stay informed of upcoming public participation opportunities regarding this project. For more information, please contact Eugene Briggs via email at ebriggs@ or by telephone at 610-687-3000 ext. 109. Village of Berwyn/Easttown Library Parking Study Area Map 40 EASTTOWN TOWNSHIP