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News | LIBRARY Easttown Library’s Featured Youth Programs Summer 2018 continued Beach Detectives (All ages) 2 p.m., Tues., July 10 Investigate different animal artifacts that can be found on the beach. Whom do they belong to and what are they used for? This program has a “hands-on” touch table. Walnut Street Theater Company: Philly Phairytales (Grades K-12) 7 p.m., Wed., July 11 Once upon a time in the city of brotherly love…Join us for a fractured fairy tale with a Philly Twist. Cinderella loses her glass slipper running up the Art Museum steps. The Fairy God Mother looks suspiciously like the Philly Phanatic and her wand is a giant Cheesesteak! Cinderella and her friends will remind kids that it is al- ways a good idea to be kind. Perfect for K-3 as we retell classic fairy tales with a unique flair that can only come from our city. Students will have a fun, silly, exciting theatre experience where they will feel the great big heart that surrounds their hometown. Franklin Institute: Electricity* (Grades K-12) 2-4 p.m., Tues., July 24 Stop in to Easttown Library for an electrifying hands-on experience. Experts from the Franklin Institute will guide children grades K through twelve through this interactive display, which can include favorites such as the Van de Graaff generator, plasma balls, jumping rings, and the Tesla coil. Eyes of the Wild (All ages) 7 p.m., Wed., July 25 This program will feature the many ways in which animals use sound to communicate. We all know birds sing, but did you know that the wallaby has a special call for its baby, alligators make a boom sound in B Flat, and ground- hogs whistle? We will discuss these and other surprising sounds animals use. Brain Wash Game Show with Eric Dasher (All ages) 7 p.m., Wed., Aug. 1 A fun, interactive trivia game that gets the entire audience involved. Reptiles Rock! (Grades K-12) 7 p.m., Tues., Aug.7 Reptiles, although slithery or scaly, are not scary. Learn how reptiles use unique adaptations to survive in many different habitats. Franklin Institute: Chemistry* (Grades K-12) 7 p.m., Wed., Aug. 9 Kaboom! The Chemistry show explores everything from everyday chemistry to the chemical “detective” work performed by laboratory scientists. Musicopia: Bollywood Dance with Swati Chaturvedi (All ages) 7 p.m..Tues., July 24 We’ll \][]Y[ݚ\X[[\[\^Hو[XK\[‘[[[]]N[ ]]\]Hو[\K]\X[H\˂ܘY\LLH  KY ]YˌMB\[8&][[&H\HZXK\[\Y[[X[\\H^ܙHB]H]\YH[X\H[[YH]\وX]\[[[HZ\YX\œ]\و[XKHܘ[H۝[Y\][X]]\[]\ XZH[ۜ™[Y[[[H[\X]H][HܚB[X\Y^K[HX\[]\\HH]YY[HX\H]ܛHو[BH\[\]ZY][ K[[H[[[^Y][ˈ\[]\Xœ\[\]Y[\Hܛ\ܚ\Bܝ[H][KHܘ[HۘY\][[\]X[[ܛ\\ܛX[HYH]HBXYHXHYH[\\ۘ][ۈHX\HH\HX[Y[Y[YH[[[XHYX][ۘ[[\ݙ[Y[^ܙY]ܘ[B͂PTӈӔT