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Beaumont Elementary School Students Use Green Screen Technology Third grade students at Beaumont Elementary School learned how to use a “green screen” to enhance classroom writing projects. level. Often used in news broadcasts, a green screen is a special background that displays images or graphics behind the subjects. Third grade teacher Charlemagne Jackson is responsible for bringing the new technology to Beaumont. After the green screen was presented at a staff in-service, Ms. Jackson immediately saw the application and benefits of using it in her classroom. With the help of Lisa Lukens, the District’s teacher on special assignment for technology, a green screen was set up in a multi-purpose room in the school. After a tutorial with Mrs. Lukens, Ms. Jackson was ready to go. In no time, the students were getting to work using the new technology. Armed with iPads, green screen apps, clip art, and, of course, paper and pencils, the students were at work creating fairy tales to use with the green screen. Over the course of the next month, the students in Ms. Jackson’s class worked on crafting an immersive experience for their hand-written fairy tales. Colorful and engaging backgrounds were selected to match the setting of their story so the students could present their story from “inside” its setting. Later in the year, the students turned their attention to non-fiction writing. To coincide with their social studies curriculum, the children were tasked with creating a news broadcast on William Penn. For two weeks, the students worked together in groups to create a script to be read from the perspective of news anchors. Their reports T/E Middle School teacher Khara Flint stands with members of the TEMS Art Club at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The students entered pressed flower images which were on display at the show. Nine students received Class Commendation ribbons. pressed flower art. It was then that the rising 8th graders decided to enter pieces in the Flower Show’s 6th-9th grade category with the theme “Water Play.” Over the summer, students collected a variety of plants and flowers in multitudes of colors and carefully pressed them. When the Art Club resumed in September, students met three days a week with Mrs. Flint and Mrs. Cook to prepare for the show. They worked long hours sorting the flowers into categories and colors, often with teacher and parent assistance. Then students were tasked with using the flowers to create a 5 x7 inch image of a person or animal having fun with water. First students lightly sketched their image, then began the long and painstaking process of using straight pins to place the pressed flowers to create their piece. Explains Mrs. Flint, “it was like filling in a delicate mosaic.” The hard work and artistry of the TEMS students paid off. By early March, twenty-two students had created pressed flower Continued on page 27 > Continued on page 27 > TREDYFFRIN-EASTTOWN  S U M M E R 2018 25