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REAL ESTATE SPECIAL SECTION get stuck in a rut if you’re not seeing everything you want in your price range. Typically, you’ll need to make some compromises with your first home. Keep a few non- negotiables in your back pocket, but otherwise be open to the idea of putting some of your own upgrades and changes into a home that may not have everything on your wish list. 5. Home. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you should spend every dollar that you qualify for in your mortgage. This could lead to bigger problems down the road. Look in the market under your max budget and be creative when looking at homes for ways to make improvements or changes that better fit your needs. A little bit of sweat equity can go a long way and will give the home your own personal touch. 6. Offer. Once you’ve found a house you want to call “home,” work with your real estate agent to come up with an offer the seller can’t refuse. Whether the house needs some improvements or it’s a hot buy on the market, your agent can guide you into making a serious offer to the seller. If you’re feeling passionate about the home, write the seller a letter explaining why you’re the best buyer for the home. These touches can sometimes be the difference between getting the house of your dreams, or losing it to another buyer. 7. Moving. You’ve done it! You’ve purchased your first home. Now that you have a mortgage to pay, keep in mind some money- saving tips, like asking your closest family and friends to help you move! A little pizza can go a long way when looking for some extra help. Make a plan for those personal touches to add to your home. Test out paint colors in each room to make sure you like the color in the daylight. Purchase furniture after making detailed measurements (you don’t want to come home with something that doesn’t fit!). Add some curb appeal as a finishing touch and as a way to meet your new neighbors!  GIVE YOUR KIDS essential skills for success WITH THE KUMON METHOD The Kumon Method ensures your kids move through math and reading schoolwork with confidence and precision. Meet with your local Kumon Instructor today! Kumon Math and Reading Center of Wayne 369a W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, PA 19087 610.263.2800 • CLASS HOURS Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm & Saturday 10:30 am to 12:30 pm *Offer valid at participating Kumon Centers only when you enroll between 6/1/18 and 7/7/18. Most Kumon Centers are independently owned and operated. Additional fees may apply. © 2018 Kumon North America, Inc. All rights reserved. 18 724.9 4 2 .0940 T O ADVE RTI S E 