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SPECIAL SECTION REAL ESTATE giving cabinets, closets and storage spaces a spacious look. Or, make moving easier by donating or selling these items! 4. Update only to increase value. Work with your real estate agent on recommendations for simple changes that can add value to or create appeal for your home. This can be as simple as adding a backsplash in the kitchen, or refreshing landscaping to add curb appeal. A small upgrade may be just what you need to close a sale. 5. Make sure the price is right. You won’t need to call on Drew Carey, but you should work with your real estate agent to figure out comparable home prices in your area, pricing trends and inventory available, and price your home accordingly. A fair market price will attract buyers interested in making your home their dream home. PREPARING TO BUY IN 2018? Whether it’s saving for your first home, searching for your dream home, or downsizing to your forever home, buying a house is an exciting and exhausting experience. Putting in the extra effort could be the difference you need to nail the home you want. 1. Give yourself some credit. Now is not the time to open a new credit card, increase your credit limit or make a big purchase. The first thing lenders check is your credit score when determining how much you are approved for on a home loan. Work on keeping your credit card balances low, and paying down balances. Limiting your spending may seem hard, but is worth the payoff when you are approved for your new home. 2. Location. Location. Location. When narrowing down where you want your home to be, it’s best to first determine how much you can borrow. You don’t want to have your heart set on a location and come to find it is out of your budget. Look at what is most important to you. Is it proximity to parks and good schools, or access to entertainment and nightlife, or lots of land to spread out? From there, you may find exactly where you want to be that fits your spending limit. 3. Create a must-have list and a wish list. What’s non-negotiable in your new home? Is it an integral garage or open-concept floor plan or a pool? Now, is a pool really a non-negotiable? Be realistic with your must-have Continued on next page > TREDYFFRIN-EASTTOWN  S U M M ER 2018 15