IN Tredyffrin-Easttown Summer 2018 - Page 16

REAL ESTATE SPECIAL SECTION S pring is in the air, which means buyers and sellers of all kinds are getting ready to find the home of their dreams. Buying or selling a home isn’t as simple as it seems on television and can be quite an arduous process. With the right tools and tips, however, you can take on the housing market like a pro. According to Zillow, more than half of the largest housing markets across the country have regained the value lost from the market collapse over a decade ago. With the growing number of millennials moving into rentals, we also see families in search of their first home or their forever home, and baby boomers downsizing—making the housing market ready for buyers and sellers of all kinds! So, take advantage of the warmer air approaching and get ready for those eager to explore the market for their next home. PREPARING TO SELL IN 2018 ”[[[\YH[H[[[[ۘ[\ˈX[H[\[Z\YH^Y\[ܙX]H]Y[[ܚY\š[Z\[ݙYYK]ٝ[ݙ\H\^HYYZH]H^Y\H8''HX܋\H\H\]H[]و[\YH[NM̍ H  M QHHBnXXY˘BKHH\[\\[ۈ\HۛH[\\[ۋ[x&]HX\H^Z[8'[x&[]\]HXۙ[B]H\[\\[ۋ'H\\ۛHYHۈ[\\]K][][\Yx&\\Y][HX][\Yx&\\\X[ XY\\YYH[[ݙY“Y^HXܘ][ۜYYH]]^OHY]ž[\\H\Y[H\HYZ[]܈H\[YKX^XB[^\[܈\\܈\]وZ[ۈ[\۝܈[XZH^Y\[YH[YKHXZH[\[\[܈[][˂[Y[HX^HYܙH܈YܜYܛ[ž[\[[\^Y\X^H H\HZ[Y ]][ܜ[[[ݙH]\HH[ˈ[B[H\HX]\[\X[]^H][\]\[&]\Y]\H^HX\[][\ۘ[^Y\ \[[^Y\[XY[HZ\ۈX\˜YYHK˂HܙX]H[ܙHXK܈]X\H[\[ۈو] ܝۈXO؛[HHܙX]HH[\[ۈوXBHܚ[]^H ٙ\]KYXJH[X\\H][\