In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works June 2017 - Page 45

Safety Bond, which has resulted in the resurfacing of nearly 4,000 blocks in San Francisco and transformative streetscape projects. Thomas joined the City 30 years ago after graduating from college, and climbed the ranks. He has worked for several divisions within Public Works, including Streets and Highways, Project Management and Construction Management; as well as in senior project management roles at the Airport and Muni. Apart from a nine-month stint in Los Angeles working for Caltrans on bridge construction for Interstate 105, Thomas’ career has focused on infrastructure projects in the Bay Area, including demolition of the Embarcadero Freeway after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the construction of a new boulevard in its place that opened up the City’s central waterfront. He also worked on the Advanced Train Control System for Muni and the Airfield Development program at SFO. More recently, Thomas led the Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement Project, which had particular significance for him, as he had visited the long-term care hospital as a child and remembers feeling a sense of sadness when looking at the crowded, open wards that offered little privacy to the residents. The new hospital offers a starkly different environment that is more welcoming with a focus on healing and wellness. Thomas is a third generation San Franciscan whose father and grandfather worked for City agencies. As a child, he routinely scavenged for things around the house to pull apart and put back together; and in the eighth grade, he announced his plans to become a civil or mechanical engineer. By the time he was in high school, he had read all of his father’s shop manuals and successfully r V'V@FRG&6֗762( cPW7FrFFRG2v0F&fRFR6G( 0g&7G'V7GW&Rf"FRgWGW&PvRVWrWvFFPFFFFVG2`&W6FVG2B6WFW'2rV7V&W6FVB2v6WFR26G&B&76R@2fbFRR76W2fW&vRbS֖W2V6vVVF27&VFG2W'RvF6r2F涖rbFP&vvW"7GW&RW&VBWfW'V&Ɩ2v&2&V7B( VB( R62( Ɔ0vfVW27WFRv&VW70brW"&V7G2ffV7@VR( ФVR#r6g&666V&Ɩ2v&2Ww6WGFW