In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works June 2017 - Page 4

Code for title purposes. I went into the Public Works office to submit my request and was worried that it would take a long time to be reviewed and approved. Nancy Wong, from your Outreach and Enforcement (OnE) Team is the best! She handles problems swiftly and is very pleasant to deal with. Instead, we walked into the offices and were quickly introduced to Ernie Banks, who was ready, willing and able to help. His demeanor instantly put me at ease and made me realize that he was on my team and would do what he could to ferry the paperwork through the process. Instead of an obstacle, I found a partner. Although I arrived with fear and frustration, I left with relief and calmness. That is 100 percent due to Ernie. Eleanor C. Naomi G. I want to take the time to THANK YOU for funding our (Dorchester Way) project and restoring my faith in City government! San Francisco Public Works has again answered my 311 service requests promptly and effectively, usually within the next day or two even though the 311 service request form states the days to wait before a service. Working together we CAN make a difference in our neighborhoods. We all benefit when folks feel that their voices have been heard. I really appreciate all the time it took to see this project through to funding. Cheers to you! Yvette S. I wanted to let you know that I went into Public Works’ office assuming that my horrible day would only get worse. My condo partners and I have been working on a condo conversion since 2006 and we were just told that I needed to obtain a Notice of Termination of Restrictions Under the Subdivision does in hers, we would be one of the cleanest cities in the country. Maria P. I want to thank Public Works and especially Jimmer Cassiol from your Community Programs team for pursuing our service order to a successful completion. During our phone calls, I sensed passion and urgency about how the trash can was impacting our business. This gave me confidence that our government partner –you – cared about issues deemed significant by a small businesses owner. Todd and Jennie L. Thank you so much! Regards, Peter O. I live in the vicinity of one of your San Francisco Pit Stops. The woman who attends it during the week keeps what is typically an unruly corner of the City clean, ordered and cared for. She works tirelessly and seems to get along with the passersby as well as the regulars. She takes pride in her work. She deserves acknowledgment for her outstanding work. If each San Francisco resident took as much pride in their work as she As I walked home from church Saturday morning, students from a local sketching class -- hobbyists with an inherent love for art -- had gathered on the Filbert Street side of the building that Public Works was instrumental in cleaning up. I doubt that this class would have been there at all if Public Works hadn't made these sidewalks and streets near Washington Square more inviting. Marc B.