In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works June 2017 - Page 18

These landscapers are different than the ones typically seen beautifying our parks and public spaces as they have four legs and speak a different tongue, often belting out, “bleat!” If you haven’t already figured it out, the laborers we’re referring to are goats, our unofficial mascot at Public Works. They were in town on June 14 for a one-day job. Although the sightseers at Twin Peaks – many of whom were “bleating!” back at the goats – may have thought they only came out to say hi, these friendly hooved creatures were hard at work prepping for the June 24 Pink Triangle event at the top of Twin Peaks for Pride weekend. In order to have the area ready for the annual event, the goats were brought in to clear overgrown weeds on the north-facing hillside that overlooks downtown and many neighborhoods, including the Castro, Noe Valley and the Mission. The herd is run by Goats R Us, a family-owned and operated grazing company based in the East Bay community of Orinda. The goats provide an organic weed abatement service that has quickly become a favorite tradition among us goat lovers here at Public Works. Terri Oyarzun, who co-owns Goats R Us with her husband, said it was an honor that her goats were brought in by Public Works to get the hillside in shape for the Pink Triangle event. “It has so much meaning,” she said. The Pink Triangle is an annual San Francisco commemoration of the gay victims who were persecuted and killed in concentration camps during World War II. The pink triangle was originally a symbol used by the Nazis to identify and shame homosexuals, but has since been embraced by the LGBT community as a symbol of pride. Since 1995, the Twin Peaks hillside has been used to showcase a giant pink triangle that can be seen from miles away and serves as the perfect backdrop to the Pride celebrations.