In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works April 2017 - Page 69

The Outreach and Enforcement (OnE Team) ready to get to work for the Mission Giant Sweep. We’re on a Mission Our Giant Sweep neighborhood improvement campaign put the spotlight on the Mission District, where a multi-agency team spent April building partnerships with business and property owners and working with them to correct code violations, including grimy sidewalks and tripping hazards. The Mission Giant Sweep campaign focused on the heart of the neighborhood’s commercial corridor – Mission and Valencia streets between 15th and 20th streets and on 16th Street between Mission and Guerrero Streets. Before the Mission, the Giant Sweep campaign was in Chinatown and the Excelsior. The team also removed graffiti and illegal postings from public furniture, flushed the streets, steam-cleaned public garbage cans, picked up illegal dumping, such as cardboard boxes and bags of household trash, checked on the condition of street trees and made sure that properties had proper garbage service. Our Mission Giant Sweep platoon consisted of staff from the Department of Public Health, Recology, the Public Works Outreach and Enforcement (OnE) Team and our bureaus of Street-use and Mapping, Urban Forestry and Street and Environmental Services, which includes our street cleaners, public and private graffiti units and special projects. And to assure that we were able to communicate with everyone, we had bilingual staff on hand speaking Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog. Our efforts were noticed by Mission residents, who thanked the crews for removing litter and graffiti. Overall, the team reached out to 151 merchants and residents and sent 43 letters to property owners notifying them of code violations. The Giant Sweep team will return to the same locations in May for the first round of re-inspections. April 2017 - San Francisco Public Works Newsletter