In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works April 2017 - Page 49

Despite the rain, San Franciscans took to the streets (and sidewalks) and celebrated Walk to Work Day. Thousands of people made sure they walked for at least 15 minutes of their regular commute on April 6. Walk SF sponsors the annual event to promote awareness and recruit new members to the cause of making San Francisco a more livable, walkable city by reclaiming streets as safe, shared public space for everyone to enjoy. Public Works helped out by staffing a Walk2Work hub at Mechanics Monument Plaza, our recently restored public gathering space in the Fi [X[\X [\XY[[XY\X\HYY]HY[ۘ]YY]8&\ٙYK[ܙH[ K L [HXY[]LHX\[H]KY\X[YX[ۙX\]Y][ܙX\YH H\[ۈ\[ [\\Y][\^\[ M][YZ[[Y][ۋ[ܙH[ MXX•ܚ[\YY\Y[]^B[Yܚ8$X[H]܈BXۙYX\[HH\HۛܙY]H[Z[\YH]\܂H\[H܈ܙ[^][ۈ]B[[\YY\\X\][[[ܚ^KXXܚX[BY[ܚšX]YX[X“[۝[Y[^KXZ[HY][Y][˜X[[YH܈]\[ۙH\BܙHZ\[ۈوXXܚ˂\[H[Yܚ^BZ[H^\Y[YH\[›و\Y][\Z\[\[\ܘ[\[\\\œY]\HڙXˈH]BXZH[[Y\[[ܙB[XXH]\H^H[[[\B\[ M H[[\XXܚ]]\