In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works April 2017 - Page 47

Now that the worst of the rains appear to be over for the season, our contractor crews are back at work smoothing out some 70 blocks around the City with a method called micro- processing. The micro-surfacing process involves applying a mixture of oil and crushed rock atop the asphalt roadway. Micro-surfacing prolongs the life of roadways in our neighborhoods by protecting the surface from the effects of natural aging, inclement weather and the sun. Micro-surfacing is applied in dry, moderate- to warm-weather conditions. The process includes the use of a large steam-roller truck that pours the micro-surfacing material onto the street. Workers then use a long, squeegee-like tool to spread the material evenly across the street. Micro-processing is just one technique we use to maintain our streets. Last year we resurfaced 723 blocks citywide; our goal was 600 blocks! So far this fiscal year, 462 blocks have been resurfaced. San Francisco recently received the International Slurry Surfacing Association’s 2016 Excellence in Pavement Preservation – North America award. To learn more about these projects, visit our website. April 2017 - San Francisco Public Works Newsletter