In the Works - Community Newsletter In the Works April 2017 - Page 28

Hundreds of students and other community partners joined us in celebration of Public Works Week 2017 – a series of festivities where we hosted open houses, offered behind-the- scenes project tours and joined together as an organization to recognize our accomplishments over the past year. Public Works Week 2017, which ran from April 24 to April 28, was packed with exciting and educational activities for our staff and the public showcasing what it takes to care for our city. It also gave us a chance to reflect and appreciate the hard work performed day in and day out by our dedicated staff. “We’re a boots-on-the-ground, 24/7 operation that at its core is about people – people working on behalf of the people of San Francisco,” said Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. “Public Works Week is a great opportunity to showcase our projects and programs and introduce our youngest generations to interesting and important careers in public works.” More than 300 students participated in the Operations Yard Open House on April 26 where they built planter boxes with our carpenters and crafted nifty tool boxes with our sheet metal workers. They also filled potholes, planted flowers and herbs, painted out graffiti, rode sky-high in bucket and scissor trucks, drove mechanical sidewalk sweepers, cut tile and pipe and explored an underground training sewer. The next day, Public Works architects and engineers opened up their offices to build model cities with 100 fourth, fifth and sixth graders. They used everything from wooden sticks and plastic straws to carpet squares and crinkly paper to fashion shops, parks, ice skating rinks, animal shelters, housing and other elements of a metropolis. Then, they placed their creations on a shake table to test them for earthquake resiliency. The cheers were thunderous when nothing toppled. We also led public tours of featured projects and facilities, including our Materials Testing Lab, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the Moscone Expansion Project, tiled staircases and the Transbay Terminal. In addition, we held our annual employee recognition and milestone anniversary celebration at City Hall; hosted our inaugural safety breakfast that recognized individuals and teams for demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safety; turned out some 500 strong at a Giants- Dodgers game at AT&T Park for our employees and their friends and families; and capped the week with our annual employee family picnic, held this year at Crocker Amazon Playground. The Board of Supervisors declared the week of April 24, 2017 as Public Works Week 2017 in the City and County of San Francisco. Check out this KCBS radio news segment on our architecture and engineering open house event!