In the Roads - November 2011 - Page 19

You have big plans for retirement. You want to keep working, only this time for yourself. Wells Fargo Advisors understands that planning for the future is more than just numbers. Thats why we take the time to sit down and understand your needs. Well look at your entire financial picture, even money youve invested elsewhere, before creating a strategy that is designed to help get you to and through retirement. Wit  µ½É”Ñ¡…¸€€å•…É́½˜¥¹Ù•Íѵ•¹Ð•áÁ•É¥•¹”°]•±±Ì…ɝ¼‘٥ͽÉ́½™™•É̀)µ½É”Ñ¡…¸©ÕÍЁ­¹½Ý±•‘”…¹¥¹Í¥¡Ð¸]”½™™•ÈÙ¥Í¥½¸¸Q¼±•…ɸµ½É”…‰½ÕЁ½Õȁ½µÁɕ¡•¹Í¥Ù”…ÁÁɽ… °…±°Ñ½‘…ä¸ With you when retirement is only the beginning  DDŒDD  DDŒDD   FLY START A BUSINESS TEACHVISIT FAMILYVOLUNTEER 8FMMT'BSHP"EWJTPST --$ .FNCFS4*1$ JTBSFHJTUFSFECSPLFSEFBMFSBOEBTFQBSBUFOPOCBOLBGöMJBUFPG8FMMT'BSHP$PNQBOZ  ª8FMMT'BSHP"EWJTPST --$<W>" Investment and Insurance Products: u NOT FDIC Insured u NO Bank Guarantee u MAY Lose Value  George Kakouris Senior Vice President - Investments 100 Aragon Ave.  Coral Gables, FL 33134 305-529-5955