IN Shaler Summer 2017 - Page 54

LIBRARY HOURS: • Closed Tuesday, July 4. See you at the Jane Neely 5K Race at 8:30 AM (race proceeds benefit the Library in honor of our 75th) • Closed on Sundays in the summer, resuming Sunday service on September 10. 9th Annual Car Cruise Saturday, August 12 from 5:30 to 9:00 PM Dance to favorite oldies with DJ Clint Stokes and check out the coolest cruise cars! No registration needed. 75TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS Build a better world with SNHL’s Summer Reading Programs for all Listen and read this summer, at home, in the car, in the Library, at the beach, in a tent, anywhere! Keep track of your reading and earn prizes. Programs are available for all ages: children, teens, adults. Check it out online or visit us at the Library. SPECIAL EVENTS! Summer of Wonder: Let’s All Read the Same Book! Join us in reading Wonder by RJ Palacio over the summer thru September 15. Wonder re Y X[Y\]Y\H[\X]]Y\[\[[ۙ\S\^H\Hۂ\[X\ MH] Ό BHZ\[ۈXZHXX]\•Y\^\Έ[H K[H L[]Y\BH   Ό B L ]\YHوHXYYˈH\[YHو[\\Ӓ Y\Z\[Z\8'Y[\B\ x'B]܈[ܙH]Z[BX PKUXSZ\\[^K]Y\ H LN SH N“ܛۙH LN ۂYH[]Z[HY[وXB\ۜX[ۈX[[ܙK܂ K \\ۋ \[Z[K[H[[XX\[[و[]H[[[\ \HYKœY\][ۈYYY L[\H[[]HHY[[ܞH[™\^KHX]]Y[Ӓ\^H]Z[ [\^\[\ݙHو[\X\Kۙ\X[ ][]\\H]^[H\B\^K[H MH] Ό Bۙ\X[\ H[ M\ZHӒHYHX\X]\X\BY[[\ܙX]܋[[ܙHB[^\^[H\KY\Y[œ\Y XXX]\X\Y\ M[\ [[[[X\JK[H\[][ۜܙYHHY[وӒ]\^K[H M] Ό BX]\H XX܈ L \\K[HXH[[X][ۈ[B]XHY܈Y[ ]\^B[B]\^K[H MHH Ό HNB]XHHHXYH]YH[X\BYH L \X[H܈ \\ۋY\Y[SЋH[YHوY[Έ[B\[\•\^K[H ] Ό B[H[Ӓ܈HXHوY[›[XH[H۸&][Z\B[Z\\X[[YH\™\\YۛY[\H]\X[ۂґQK]؝\8&\[ZY\[ ][YBY[][ۋ[Y[][ۜ\Y\X\[]\X[YHH LZ[[[Xܙ˂]HH]HB]\^K\[X\ \[\]H]\Ӓ[ۙ]\Y[وӒ[K[[\\[ܘYB[[[\\XH[X][ۈB]\^Kؙ\ ‘[H]Hو[\ܞH܂[\H][HۛX]\\XO۝X\ۈXԘYH]XܘY\Z[]ܚ˛] QSΈUSTUTTHPHӂYY]H]]܈]Z\\Y\^K[H ] B]Z\\&\ L [[]؝\YܙH[HYK\[YH][ MYHX\\[X]\]ܚ]H[YH[[\YBۋY\Y[\Y ܛ\[ܙHB[[Y\\HܙX][YH[\]Hܛ\ ^\\Hݙ\Y\ۙX[ۈXY\[]]ܜ]8&\›]%\x&\Hܛ\܈]\[ۙHBX]H\ۈHX\HY[]]\&\XYK][\Y]]\ܜ\’[H HY]Y\ H L SHŒL B\܈۝[YH[\]\܈\^B]\ ]YZ\[\HZY[Bو\\[Z[H\K\\‰ KZ[[][Hو HY[YYY \ [\][ۈ[\][ۘ[\^\] Ό BYYH\][\[\\\[]]Y\H[HHZ[\[܋]\XX[]YH[\[BXܘ]]H][\H[X][\ܚ]YX\\H[\\[X\H\ˈ\[ۘ[HX]\\™Y\\\ˈY\][ۈYYY QΈSQHSSQTBZ\H\HܚY^K[H M] Ό BH[\\[X[[[BXZH[\ۈZ\H\HH\[X[][[Y\Z\H[Y\[ܘY˜[X]ˈZY[Z\H\[][\܈[H