IN Shaler Summer 2017 - Page 40

Summer Inspiration BAYERNHOF MUSIC MUSEUM Address: 225 St. Charles Place, O’Hara Township Contact: Tours are by appointment only. Call 412.782.4231, or visit This extremely unique, 19,000‑square‑foot museum (the former home of Mr. Charles B. Brown, III, the museum’s founder) houses a large collection of music boxes and other fascinating automatic musical instruments, as well as many other interesting items. The building itself provides guests with a most interesting experience as they pass from room to room, at times through hidden doors and secret passages. And, almost the entire south side of the house is glass, affording fantastic views up and down the Allegheny River. FERN HOLLOW NATURE CENTER Address: 1901 Glen Mitchell Road, Sewickley Contact:, or 412.741.6136 Fern Hollow Nature Center is a place where individuals, groups and families can enjoy the outdoors. This gateway to the area park system provides educational opportunities aimed at helping adults and children understand and appreciate the environment. Programming includes family programs, adult programs, nature walks, community events and educational programming for local schools. Visit the website for more information. LATODAMI NATURE CENTER Address: 575 Brown Road, Wexford Contact:, or 724.935.2170 Allegheny County’s Latodami Environmental Education Center is located in North Park and is a great place to get connected to the outdoors. Its mission is to educate the public about the environment and wildlife found in the region. Visit the website for programs, special events and more information. LIVING DEAD MUSEUM Address: 121 East Main Street, Evans City Contact: The Living Dead Museum is a celebration of zombies in pop culture. Located in the city of George A. Romero’s original film, “Night of the Living Dead,” the themed attraction takes fans through a visual history of zombies in cinema and pop culture. Displays of props and memorabilia are woven into a presentation featuring interactive experiences, and do some zombie gift shopping. Visit the website for museum hours and for more information. THE MARIDON MUSEUM Address: 322 North McKean Street, Butler Contact:, or 724.282.0123 The Maridon opened in May 2004. It’s the only museum in the western PA region with a specific focus on Asian art and culture coupled with German Meissen porcelain. The museum—both the objects and the buildings that house them—is the gift of Mary Hulton Phillips. Visit the website for more information. STAR PARTIES AT WAGMAN OBSERVATORY Dates: June 2, 3, & 30; July 1, 28, & 29; Aug. 25 & 26; Sep 9 & 23 (plus other dates throughout the year). Address: Wagman Observatory, Deer Lakes Park, 225 Kurn Road, Tarentum Contact:, or 724.224.2510 A star party is an invitation to anyone wishing to enjoy and learn more about the splendors of the sky. At a star party, Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh members set up a wide variety of telescopes (basic and advanced models) and offer visitors stunning close‑ups of celestial objects. Many visitors bring their own telescopes to take advantage of viewing conditions at the site; others use the occasion simply to view the stars and planets with their own eyes. Visit the website for more information. SUMMER MUSIC CONCERT SERIES AT HARTWOOD ACRES PARK Address: Hartwood Acres Park Amphitheater, 200 Hartwood Acres, Allison Park Contact: Take advantage of the free summer concerts sponsored by Allegheny County Parks at Hartwood Acres Park Amphitheater! Pack some chairs and a picnic and enjoy the live performances. Visit the website for the full schedule. SWEETWATER CENTER FOR THE ARTS GALLERY Address: 200 Broad Street, Sewickley Contact: 䰁Ȁȸĸ)eԁeЁٔѼɅٕȁѼ͔ȁɕѼɕ)иMݕ݅ѕȁ ѕȁȁѡ́́مɥ䁽ɥ)Ʌѕᡥѥ́́䁥Ցݽɬɕ)ѥɝ͡ѥ̸YͥЁѡݕͥє)ȁɵѥѡé䁅ݕ́)ɅѥɕЁᡥ̰ٕ́ɽɅ(иȸQ<YIQ%MM