IN Shaler Summer 2017 - Page 39

TEACH YOUR KIDS TO FISH AT PINE COMMUNITY PARK LAKE Address: Pine Community Park, 100 Pine Park Drive, Wexford Contact:, or 724.625.1636, ext. 3 This quiet and charming lake nestled in beautiful Pine Community Park is the perfect place to teach your kids to cast a line this summer. Pack up your fishing equipment, bait and licenses and spend the day enjoying some catch‑and‑release fun. Visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission at for more information on fishing rules and regulations, tips and other details. ZIP LINE AT GO APE TREETOP ADVENTURE Address: 303 Pearce Mill Road, Allison Park Contact:, or 800.971.8271 So much more than a simple zip line canopy tour, the Go Ape North Park course is a fully immersive outdoor experience. Go Ape features five action‑packed treetop obstacle course sections, leading you higher into the forest canopy. Guests will navigate 41 exciting crossings like the Pirates Crossing, Chantemerle Bridge, two Tarzan swings and five exhilarating zip lines. When you Go Ape you get an outdoor adventure worth talking about! Visit the website for more information on age requirements and other details. Kidtastic Summer Fun ERACERS GO‑KART PARK (PLUS BUMPER BOATS AND MINI GOLF) Address: 640 Evans City Road, Butler Contact:, or 724.482.2555 Rev it up with your kids this summer! Eracers offers rookie karts and two‑seat karts for beginners, and sprint and Indy‑inspired karts for the experts. Also on site: mini‑golf and bumper boats. Visit the website for rules, regulations and more details. FUN FORE ALL Address: 8 Progress Avenue, Cranberry Contact:, or 724.779.1800 A mini amusement park! Fun Fore A ffW'2֖GW&Rvbv( 'G2FFR&FW2'VW"&G2&GFr6vW2B&RvBF6fcFRGfFvRbFRF"&6FRf6BFPvV'6FRf"&Rf&FऴU5>( ԔEU$Rt`FG&W733R&&66&VWf&B&72Fv66F7CC"333VgVWFF"gFW&"WfVr7FfGvFW G2F27VW"BRbFRFW7B֖GW&Rvb6W'6W2FR6VG'6VV'&FrG2FV"W7>( ֖GW&Rv`6VFW2GvFffW&VB( R6W'6W2FBvBF&Vv&VWFgVǒG66VB6WGFr6f"&Rf&F%2$UDTԔEU$Rt`FG&W73SC&WFR##'06F7Cf6V&6'4&WFVvb"s#Bc#R#sSFRvƲ&6FR6FVW2W&F66PS'2&WFV֖GW&RvbffW'2W2bWFVF2N( 66f֖Ǟ( "FF^( &VFVBVFW'FVBFR7F^( B'&6( ƖVBW2fVGW&RVWBv&rvF֖ƖvFW6R&6RFW"VG( GVGfW'6VVrFR( F^( B( FR'&B( Чv62&VVGV&&VB( FR&FW7B֖GW&RvbRvW7FW&( f6BFRvV'6FRf"&Rf&F%D$ԔEU$Rt`FG&W73cRV7Bv"&BvWf&@6F7C'F&&GFw&vR6֖F"C"3cbScG2SgFV"bW&F6W'fr֖GW&RvbVFW67G0FRGG6'W&v&Vf֖Ǟ( vVBBW&FVB66Rc'F&֖GW&RvbFW2w&VB&FR&fFr&VWFgVǒG66VB6Vvr֖vb6W'6R( 2w&VBf &VvW'2BWW&V6VBvfW'2ƖRFR6W'6R2W0vF"bCf6BFRvV'6FRf"&Rf&FtEtBtE0FG&W73#33vGvB&Bv'66F7CvGvG6"C"CrSSpg&'VW"6'2Fv( 'G2F֖GW&RvbB&RvGvBvG22w&VB6Rf"gVF27VW"fPƗGFRW3vG( 2FVffW'26&W6VG&&FRF VvRwB&RvBFVWB6FRGfFvR`F"6W"WG&VRBFR&6FRf6BFRvV'6FRf"&Pf&F6FVVBWBvR6W"7VW"#r6w263