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(L-R) Junior Arjan Guglani and sophomore Justin Waltrip share their Travel TIme app that they developed. Travel App Designed & Created by Two Pine-Richland High School Students Have you ever found yourself leaving on time for the airport only to encounter traffic and long lines putting you behind schedule? An app can now alert you of traffic and airport congestion, so you can adjust your schedule. The app, called Travel Time, was developed and designed by two Pine- Richland High School students. Junior Arjan Guglani came up with the idea, developed it and earned first at the 2017 Regional High School Computer Fair and third place at the 2017 Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair. Following the fair, he continued to develop the concept and began the coding work and even employed the help of sophomore Justin Waltrip to design and market the app. Arjan conducted some of the work on the app through independent study in Advanced Data Structures and Application Development in Java through Teacher Valerie Klosky. He also serves a teaching assistant for the Java Programming course. Both took the College in High School Visual Basic course, which helps teach logic and problem-solving constructs that new programmers can transfer to any programming language, according to Mrs. Klosky. After several iterations of the app, the students were able to launch the app this fall. “Both boys are motivated, talented and self-starters,” said Mrs. Klosky. “They have researched and implemented both a visual interface for the application as 52 PINE-RICHLAND well as the logistics of combining and manipulating data from several online sources into a useful tool for travelers.” Travel Time’s core set of features tell you when to leave your location for the airport for airports - given airport congestion and traffic; how much time to leave for a flight connection, and when you should be picked up from the airport by friends or family. Travel Time also provides SMS (Short Message Service) and push notification flight updates for you and those monitoring your return, who can receive a text one hour before your flight lands. To top it all off, Travel Time has packing checklists, airport maps, lounge scheduling, food ordering, flight status updates, seat maps, and so much more to simplify your travel. The app can help schedule you a pickup at the airport as well. When asked what the biggest obstacle was, the two agreed juggling work on the app and classes. “It takes a lot of work to run a business and juggling your advanced placement classes,” Arjan said. In all the app took 10 months to complete, and can be downloaded free from Apple app stores. For more info visit You can also visit Eighth Grader Earns First Place in Middle School Geography Bee Eighth grader Joshua Katruska earned first place at the annual Pine-Richland Middle School Geography Bee. If he qualifies, he will compete against other students from across the state on April 6. The winner of that competition will advance to the national competition May 20 through 23, in Washington, DC. PRMS Gifted & Talented Education Teacher Kathy Deal and PRMS Librarian Kathy Batykefer coordinated this year’s competition. In addition to Joshua, seventh grader Baron Graham earned second place, and eighth grader Laura Krill earned third place. You can YHH L[\H\][œ[\X[ ܙ\˂Y[[܂QPH\X[]\[Y[\H[XYœ\\[[KTX[\X][[[XH]\XYX]ܜ\X[ۈ[X\H LH L]\\ Z\Y ^H[YB[[Y[[ܜ[ۈۘZKH[X[ۈ[[Y[\\[[[܈\\]\ݚX˂Y][X[\]][ۈ[ QZ\]\]YB\]][ۂY[HXܛHK\]H\XBYٙZ\[][KTX[YZ\ܘH[[܈&\[X[[\]][ۈۈXˈ  M˂X\H Y]H]\[˜\]Y[H\Y]Hو]YܚY\X[YH\YY[[\YY[ ܈X\ [YܛH[X[ۈ]\XZ\ܘHۛYH]Y\[ۜXY[ZX]Z^[[ܙH[\B\X[ۈوYYX\\\X[ZZB[ܜ\ۈ[YYX\\ ZXY[\\]ˈX\Y\ݙ\[[]\[\]\ˈ[XH\™\XH܈H\YX\[H™܈HXY[ZX]Z^ X\˜[X[YHY]ZZHޙ]B[Y]XY\ۈ\X\Y\XH[Hۛ][