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ENROLL TODAY & YOU WILL SEE LITTLE APPLESEED IS THE PLACE TO BE! Get the Dirt on Spring Days” (stories subject to change). Best for ages 3 to 10. Visit the website for information on purchasing tickets and other details. CREATE PYSANKY, UKRAINIAN EASTER EGGS, AT NORTH HILLS ART CENTER Now enrolling children 6 weeks to 5 years old for part time or full time care and preschool. Conveniently located in Treesdale across from Market Square. We have an indoor gym & outdoor fenced-in playground. We are open from 6:30am - 6:00pm & we provide morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Call or email today for a tour! 615 Warrendale Road • Gibsonia, PA 15044 724-625-4029 Check us out on Facebook Date: March 17 (Registration deadline: March 10.) Address: 3432 Babcock Boulevard, Ross Township Contact:, or 412.364.3622 For ages 10 through adult! In anticipation of spring and Easter, Pysanky is a tradition in Eastern Europe. Join instructor Diane Pontoriero to learn this batik method of applying layers of beeswax and egg dye to the eggs that creates intricate and beautiful designs. In this workshop you will create up to four eggs depending on the intricacy, and learn about the symbolism of the designs and colors. Hot wax is used in this class. All materials are included in the class fee. Visit the website for fee and registration information. EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA AT THE SEWICKLEY VALLEY YMCA POOL Because there is so much to see Date: March 24 Address: 625 Blackburn Road, Sewickley Contact:, or 412.741.9622 The Sewickley Valley YMCA’s Large Pool will be filled with colorful Easter eggs for kids of all ages to collect from noon to 1 p.m. Then enjoy a holiday craft project after and games for the entire family to enjoy from 1 to 2 p.m. For your child’s safety, children under 8 years of age or non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult in the water. Visit the website for more information on the non-member fee and other details. Call our office to schedule your appointment today. • Comprehensive vision and eye health evaluations • Fashionable eyewear for the entire family • Complete contact lens services, including scleral lens fits • New patients welcome Rebecca Woodring, OD Shannon Mihalacki, OD Dr. Michael Lacina DEPRECIATION LANDS MUSEUM OPENING DAY Date: May 6 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Address: 4743 Pioneer Road, P.O. Box 174, Allison Park Contact:, or 412.486.0563 A fun family adventure awaits you close by this spring! Every Sunday, 50 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE ❘ Fun friendly interpreters are waiting to ɥѡ٥ѼЁȁԸ) ɕѕ!ѽQݹ͡(̰ѡɕѥ1́5͕մ)͕́Ѽɕ͕ٔѕɕЁѡɱ)啅́ɽ͕ѱЁѡ)ɕѥ1̸YͥЁѡݕͥє)ȁɔɵѥ))UMP=HU8QIM !==0) ==, 1UP5ILAU 1% )1% IId)є5ɍ)QЁ)ɕ܁ɅٕՔ5) х聵ͅɕɅ乽ɜ(иԸ)!ٔո܁ɥ)ѡ́ɥ䁩)Ёȁո)ѕ͍ ՈЁ5́AՉ)1Ʌ䄁YͥЁѡݕͥєȁɔ)х̸)5=Q!HU!QHI=e0Q)AIQd)єɥĀمɕɅѥ)ɔɕեɕɥи)QāѼā)ɕA չ ѕȰ(AAɬɥٔ]ᙽɐ) х̽չ单ѕȼ)ѵȀиԸذѝ$)Aɥ͕́̀Ёѡɽ՝܁)ѡȁѡ́ɔɑ䁥٥ѕѼ)ѡA չ ѕȁѼ)ѕɹɽ兰ոѥ٥ѥ)ՑѥɅ̰)ٔɥ͕̰չɕɕ̸͡)A͔єѡЁɔɕɅѥ)ɕեɕȁɽɅ̸ٕ́)YͥЁѡݕͥєȁɔɵѥ)ɕɅѥѡȁх̸)eЁ͕ȁٽɥєɥٕ)9ɽѽ̹Ѽ)ՉЁѡɵѥٕ́ɔ)ՉЁѼ)ɥ