IN Pine-Richland Spring 2018 - Page 35

SPECIAL SECTION HOME IMPROVEMENT OUTDOOR Outdoor trends for 2018 are focusing on using nature to nurture. From flower gardens and modern green spaces to reflection pools and water features, outdoor spaces are bringing serenity to your home. Create an outdoor living area that calls you in with cushioned sectionals, accent pillows and outdoor rugs that are inviting and functional. Add a focal piece such as a fireplace or fire pit to add warmth and a relaxing ambiance to the space. • Patios that add style: When choosing your concrete style, less is more. Paving in sections allows you to add interest to the space. Whether it’s using a combination of concrete and grass, or concrete and gravel, add depth and dimension by varying shapes or sizes of concrete sections. • Back decks get a facelift: Decks are getting a lot of love and attention this year with more people wanting to spend their time entertaining outdoors. Add multiple levels to a deck to create separate spaces for dining, cooking, and relaxation. No room for adding on to your deck? Get the same effect by grouping different types of furniture together to create distinction bet vVVFR76W2vFW"fVGW&W2&R6p76F2V"6v66fVF2fR6֖pfrbvFW"F'&r6W&VGF&Vrf"&S7&VFRW"vWFF"7vFBGV"FVw&FVBFW"FV6FW6v( G&VG2G66svFVvW'27VFr&PFRWG6FR&6R2'FBvWFW"RfR7&vƖrv"VB76Rf"WFF"Ɨfr7&VFrvV6֖r76R6&RV76W"&V26VBRW6PbVFW'6RfVGW&W27V626FW"6&F2'&vrVFRG2FRBFFBFW&W7B@FWFw&73FBw&VVFFR76RvFBv@7V67VVG2&WV&rƗGFRFV6RB֖76RआfRBb76RFv&vFF&WBFr琦bFR6RGRbBF7&VFR6VGv&FVF0v^( ǒVVBFvRRGRbB&FW"FFVBFFRF7F7BVVG2b6WfW&GW2tDu2D%0VvW'2&RfVW&rFv&BGW&6V2F2V"f7W6r'&vrFR&VWGbFRWFF'2FFRR'&vB'&2&RG&VFr&V2bFRRg&ЦƗfr&2F&F&>( GFR&RGW&ƖvBFR&WGFW"'vW&rVW&w67G2B'&vFVrWW"FVvW'0&RFW6vrvFFƖvB֖B( G&6f&֖rvFw2FF'3b^( &RrFƖvFVB'&vFVW&FBvFGW&ƖvBFFpvFw2"7&VFr&vW"&RW6fRvFw2v@ǒ'&r&RbFRWFF'2'WB666vRFPb&&vRvFw2FBvW&R6R7W7FF&Rrf&R7G&VFV2vF6RFB6WBWF#BfVWBvFR( vrFRg&W6"( F2FR6V6f"7&r6VrvV^( &Rv&rFRv&vRF27&rRf@BVgVFfR&WG&7F&R67&VVF"f"FRv&vRvWFW"R&RFr&V7G2"W6rFR76R26PFrWBv&vR67&VV2VWg&W6"B'Vw2WB6FVVBvR3RR$4@)ـ5$r#30