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I’M FREEZING MY TAIL OFF! M ixed materials, textures and technology are just a few of the major home trends in 2018. Homeowners are foregoing selling and updating their current homes with fresh ideas and innovative technologies. Thinking of upgrading a room or two? Check out 2018’s trends in home features and furnishings. Get your heating system serviced, doggone it! SMART HOME The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to a growing network of devices that allows objects to connect and exchange data. These or R devices are increasing at a rapid pace throughout many industries. Service for Any Wearables allow consumers to track their steps and keep a closer eye on their fitness, and connected cars are equipped issues. with internet access to send information to manufacturers or, as C A V H r o plumbing y al n a rm e no seen on the streets of Pittsburgh, to drive themselves. The smart g lv pairs durin e of We’ll so ecks or re service, ch ent this coupon at tim ith w home is one of the most popular and accessible markets for IoT lid *C oupon va urs only. Must pres Call for details. . business ho e. Expires 03 /31/18 application. servic • Everything is connected: This can include heating and cooling your home, turning on a light with a simple command, locking your front door from work, even checking to see if you have milk in the refrigerator from the grocery store. These are all features that make up a smart home. The list continues to grow, with ways to track and monitor everything in your home. % montHS Devices are learning how you live—when you get up and finAnCing when you leave for work—and can adjust room temperatures, on select equipment turn off lights and safeguard your home. All of which can be monitored from your smart device. • Energy tracking devices: These devices connect to your EMERGENCY SERVICE electricity meter to monitor how much energy you’re using, from tracking appliance usage to providing recommendations Kennihan3-625x4-875_WinterAd.indd 1 1/24/18 4:00 PM on how to save on energy. If cutting down on bills is on your list for 2018, a household monitor or individual appliance Whether a pet, caged bird, horse, cattle, barnyard animal monitor may be just what you need. or wildlife, Mister Feed II has a feed for every animal’s best • Residential electric vehicle charging stations: Growing in nutrition needs! popularity, hybrid and electric vehicles need somewhere to charge up before hitting the open road. These charging stations LARGE SELECTION OF WILD BIRD SEED are accessible at home, allowing you to charge from a typical • Dog and Cat Food • Horse and household socket. With advancing technologies, higher voltage Livestock Supplies charging stations are available to charge a car as much as four Feed & (over 15 brands to times faster than a typical charging station. Supplies choose from!) • Importance of keeping IoT devices secure: IoT devices are (over 20 • Bedding growing exponentially, and security features aren’t necessarily brands) keeping up. There are only a few regulatory standards set in • Small place for IoT devices, elevating risk for security breaches. It’s Animal important to always authenticate your devices with unique Feed usernames and passwords. tic Call air * Diagnos ep 87 $ 00 60 724-374-4463 0 24/7 Complete Line of Pet Foods 5 OFF $ any purchase of $50 or more 10 OFF $ any purchase of $100 or more MISTER FEED II 412-486-6211 MISTER FEED II 412-486-6211 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Expires 7/1/18. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Expires 7/1/18. ASK ABOUT DELIVERY Mister Feed II 2241 W. Hardies Rd., Gibsonia 412-486-6211 32 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE ❘