IN Pine-Richland Spring 2018 - Page 26

ULTIMATE YEAR PINE-RICHLAND BOYS ULTIMATE FRISBEE TEAM CAPTURES 2017 CITY TITLE. BY JENNIFER BROZAK L ast year, Pine-Richland’s Boys Ultimate Frisbee team earned an ultimate recognition: they were named 2017 City Champions in the Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League. During the 2016-2017 season, they also were named both the Pittsburgh/Western PA Winter League champs and the Pittsburgh/Western PA Spring League Champs. Now, as they look forward to the 2018 season, the team hopes to build upon their success of the past few YX\[\\HBXۙۜX]]HS[[\\][H]H]KY\Z[[Xۙ]H]H[\[ۜ\[ M˂H[HX[\[[X]H\ؙYHX[HY\^H ]HB]H[\[ۜ\\X^K̍ M M QTTBfXXY˘BHX[H\[Y\HXܝ]\ L MB^Y\\[H KL YX\][KTX[ [\\]Y[HS[H][\[ۋ^\XYXX\\[ZKQ K^KHX[H\H\ق\[X][H H^Y\[\ܛ˂'HX[H\۝[YYܛ[[\ݙH[HHY[X[[H[H[و M 8'H^\[ZKQˈ8'[S H]H[\ݙY\]H[\XXYX\YY܈\[ MK[\\[ M[]H[\[ۈ[ M˸'BHX[H[][H]\]XHۛ]\[Y[[[[\\[H[X\ۋ\H^H\]HYZ[X[\HY\[]\ˈ\YX\^H[\Y]]و X[\]H\[Y[ ܈H[Z[X\][[X]H\ؙYKH[YH]ٝ[\X\^Y\H8'ۋ\\[\'H\X[ܝ [X [˜[H\\HH] ^\[ZKQ˂'HYXHX][[X]H\H[[H]˜[\X[\HH[YHوXZ]\ܝY[[™[\[H[XX[\X]܋]ܝH^\8'HH^Z[˂'^Y\]\]HHۙY\[HYYوYHXZ]\›܈ܛ\X[^H]\]HHX[ \XHY[]B\YH[X\[\][܈Z\[\^H]\\H[Z[H[[\[HوZYY[\š]HHX[]H^[[\HۈY[H[ٙ[H[B[H[ [^H]\HXHX\Y[]H]B\[ۈH\[˸'