IN Pine-Richland Spring 2018 - Page 19

INDUSTRY INSIGHT N EDUCATION orth Catholic has always had a thriving music department. Led by music teacher Mr. Emanuelson, students can now take part in the new campus’ very own marching band. By the fall of 2016, 13 students had joined, including 11 instrumentals and two color guards. Every fall, Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic’s marching band puts on a show within a show during football games, at the Columbus Day parade in Pittsburgh and at Kennywood. “Students in marching band are self-motivated and challenge themselves academically,” says Emanuelson. “When you give them the tools they need to succeed, the students take the opportunity they are given and run with it.” In his sophomore year, graduate student Matthew Beck made history at CWNC when he gathered some students who played guitar, bass, and clarinet and started his very own rock band. Every Wednesday and Thursday, songs “Hey Jude” and “Eye of the Tiger” reverberated through the band room. “Ever since the first day of marching band, Mr. Emanuelson has pushed me to do my best and I have significantly improved as a musician,” says Beck. “He is a very skilled SPONSORED CONTENT musician and teacher, and he has gotten me to believe in myself as a musician and as a student.” Mr. Emanuelson and students of CWNC have helped to reshape the music department into a one for learning music that tailors to the needs of all CWNC students. Beyond learning to play different instruments, students learn many useful skills such as team building and time management. Not only do they develop these skills, they cultivate friendships that last a lifetime. PINE-RICHLAND ❘ SPRING 2018 17