IN Phoenixville Area Summer 2017 - Page 69

COMMUNITY HEALTH Community Connections “Community Connections” is a pilot project that resulted from conversations by several agencies interested in and concerned about older adults who live alone in the community. Many of these people oftentimes are isolated in their community, and research indicates they are also at risk for more physical and mental health issues. Agencies that participated in these early conversations were the Meals on Wheels program, CC Office of Aging, CC Health Department, the Pottstown VNA and the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. The outcome from the meetings was the Community Connections project, an outreach program to provide needed services to this population. The PCHF funded a $25,000 grant to the Pottstown VNA to promote a cooperative partnership between the Chester County Office of Aging/Meals on Wheels, the Pottstown VNA and the Chester County Health Department. The pilot program is intended to serve approximately 50 homebound seniors who are either unwilling or unable to leave their homes because of a physical disability or mental issues. Initially this project included older adults served by Phoenixville Meals on Wheels. The program now is being expanded to other older adults residing in the foundation’s service area, who will be invited to join the program. The pilot program’s goal is to seek a better understanding as to whether connections to community services for these individuals would improve their quality of life. At this time, through comments provided by participants, the feedback on the program is favorable. Quality of life indicators that will be addressed by the program include safety, loneliness, overall life satisfaction and current health status. At the conclus ѡЁɽɅ٥ͥЁɕɅфݥ)镐ѼѕɵѡչɕɅ́)ͥѥٔЁѡѥ̸)%ԁ܁役ݡձЁɽѡ)ɽɅ͔хЁѡAѽݸY9Ѐ)A٥ɕMյȀ܁̹